10 Day Cycle

My last 10 Day Cycle was about a 50% success. I finished one of my two books, watched An Education (what a beautiful film!), I managed to spend most of the weekend offline (with the occasional sneaky peek at Twitter via my iPhone) and I spent a lot of much needed time with my girlfriends. Yet again, I will do my best to achieve everything I set out to achieve, but won’t be too down on myself if it doesn’t all come together in the end.

Books to read…

I am very close to finishing The Unbearable Lightness of Being, and while the first half of the book drew me in and kept me interested, I am quickly losing interest in the second half. A friend of mine leant me her copy of The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas, and although I know the “twist” ending, I’m still looking forward to reading this book.

Movie to watch…

Anybody of my generation who was assigned the John Marsden books for English reading in high school is probably just as excited about this film as I am. I was obsessed with the Tomorrow… series as a teenager, and am really excited to see the story brought to life on the big screen!

Things to do…

Opt for long black coffee instead of soy lattes.

Attend a Zumba class.

Book U2/Jay Z concert tickets.

Try to listen more to what people are saying.


6 Comments to “10 Day Cycle”

  1. Yes! U2, U2! Where will you see them? Is Jay Z opening for them?

    U2’s been my favorite since I was in the fifth grade; I remember I was so scared to wear my ZooTV shirt to school for fear I’d get made fun of. 😉 They were my first concert in ’97, and just so awesome to see live. Have you seen them before?

    Anyway, that’s my comment… <3 Have never tried Zumba.

    • They are touring Australia in December, and finally stopping off in my city (after 15 years I think) And yes Jay Z is opening for them, how exciting!

  2. How funny! I switched from Soy Latte’s to Long Black’s a few months back – and I’m sipping one right now! Good luck with the next 10 day cycle.

  3. ahh i cannot wait for Tomorrow When the War Began, i have never read the book but i think this looks promising for australian cinema

  4. Loved unbearable lightness of being, one of my most special books that I’ve read and enjoyed :)

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