Makeup Inspiration – Kate Bosworth

I am looking past Kate’s atrocious Jil Sander ensemble and focusing on the amazing summer-perfect makeup she was sporting at the Style Awards last night. Fresh, dewy skin? Check. Subtle eye makeup? Check. Gorgeous gold eyeliner? Check? Full black lashes? Check. Glowy peach toned cheeks? Check. Hot as hell lip colour? Check. Perfection!

11 Thoughts on “Makeup Inspiration – Kate Bosworth

  1. Although she’s beautiful, I sometimes think there’s something a little… waxen-looking about K Bo… As if she’s a wax model of herself? Lol, that sounds really odd. Anyway, I love that lip colour too!

  2. She always looks so polished and flawless but in a completely natural way. Does that make sense? Haha Second the love for her lip colour πŸ™‚

  3. She looks stunning here, the lip colour and glowy skin are perfection <3

  4. Her pores are so small argh! her skin is just perfect. Jealous!

  5. Her skin is so ridiculously perfect. It’s insane. I can always rely on Bozzy for makeup inspiration. PERFECT FACE IS PERFECT!

  6. Jess what would you suggest in regards to trying to copy her lip colour? It is just gorgeous! πŸ™‚

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