Wardrobe Wednesday

This week’s Wardrobe Wednesday is dedicated to a fictional television character that I am gaining a wealth of inspiration from. This character happens to be Emma Pillsbury, the guidance counsellor on Glee. Everytime she would come onto the screen I would die a little bit inside from jealousy. Not just because of her on-screen chemistry with the adorable Mr Schue, but because of her her enviable wardrobe.

I need me some twin sets and adorable jewelry asap. I am not the only one with an admiration for Emma’s wardrobe, there is a site dedicated to it called What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear? and I spent way too much time browsing through it last night (while shopping online for Mary Jane pumps, twin sets and J Crew accessories). Now excuse me while I go and browse Etsy for some vintage sweater pins…

7 Thoughts on “Wardrobe Wednesday

  1. OMG you have ruined me with this website discovery. I’ll be gone for days…

  2. Wow that site is amazing!

  3. I feel responsible for your downward spiral, Miss B…

  4. I loooove her style. Way too high-maintainance for me but still awesome 😉

  5. Her sweater pin with the bow on the site you posted is so cute!

    I love Mary Jane pumps. Please say where you get yours if you do, I’ve been looking to replace a pair that I can no longer wear.

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