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I had a different post prepared for tonight, but I can’t get the Queensland floods off of my mind and it didn’t seem right posting a frivolous little review of a beauty product when my country is experiencing a large scale natural disaster. Within Queensland, an area the size of France & Germany combined has flooded. Today the banks of the Brisbane river broke and the CBD flooded. Lives have been lost, mostly children. At the last count that I heard 72 people were still missing. The situation does not appear to be getting any better, and even once the waters recede the clean up will take a long time. Donations are needed so if you have the funds and the inclination, please donate to either the QLD flood relief appeal or the RSPCA QLD to assist with animal rescue & shelter. If donating money is not an option, please spare a thought for my fellow Aussies who are struggling in Queensland tonight.

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  1. I’m such a bad world citizen. I hadn’t even heard. (I promise there ARE Americans that pay attention to world news, but I’m one of the horrible ones that don’t. I don’t even pay attention to my LOCAL news). Thanks for sharing and I’ll definitely keep them in my thoughts.

  2. Jessica, even if you do pay attention to world news odds are you would not have heard of this. Sadly not much news comes to America in regard to what is happening in Australia. I hope that the waters recede before there is any more loss of life or property damage.

  3. It’s so awful indeed and such a tragedy. All I did yesterday afternoon was watch all the news reports and I couldn’t believe it. I really have no words, except I feel for everyone who has lost their homes and are struggling right now.

  4. The whole thing devastates me – but as a fierce animal lover – it is particularly the animals in danger that breaks my heart. I just made a donation via the link you provided Jess (and quoted your blog in the comments section as to where I heard about it) – I really liked that they also specified just exactly what your money would be paying for. My heart goes out to everyone in need xx

    • Thank you so much for your donation Lucy! The animal situation breaks my heart too. One happy little story though, one of the news headlines was about a picture that someone took at their flooded property of a little green frog hitching a ride on a brown snake in the water. Interesting that animals drop their predatory instincts and band together in the attempt to survive. Humans on the other hand…

  5. Claire on January 12, 2011 at 4:06 pm said:

    This is so sad. I hope you and your family are well and safe, My thoughts go out to everyone there that have been affected. The US media and 24 hour news networks are not covering this except for a minute if that. I don’t understand this. There have been telethons in the past to support each other (countries) and barely a word in the US about this. Ashamed.

    • Thanks Claire, luckily my family and I (except for my sister who lives in Sydney) all live on the West Coast which is the opposite side of the country to Queensland. Unfortunately we’re suffering from the opposite issue at the moment – extreme heat, drought and bushfires 🙁 Thank you for the thought though – and hopefully once everything dies down in the US there might be some coverage x

  6. Thanks for your thoughts Jessica x

  7. Many thanks to you Jess for providing the link! No disrespect to the people affected but my heart in any situation like this always goes out to animals as they are so much more helpless. I donate to the lost dogs home monthly so it only made sense to donate to the RSPCA flood fund. I did see that photo of the frog and snake – so incredibly cute! And amazing! Have also loved the photos of people carrying stranded kangaroos out of the water. I only wish I could go up there and help out myself!

  8. This has been on the news here in Iceland a lot. It’s horrible and I hope the situation will get better soon.

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