Product Review: Bath + Body Works Exotic Coconut Body Lotion

Have you ever used a product for an extended period of time, and then every time you use it in the future it takes you back to a time in your life? I’m pretty sure that is what is going to happen to me with the Bath + Body Works Exotic Coconut Body Lotion. I’ve been using it non-stop as my body moisturiser since first buying it last year. I think it’s safe to say I love it. The smell is perfect for summer; it’s light, sweet and absolutely delicious. The smell lingers for quite a long time, which I love because the scent is so amazing. People have actually commented on my “perfume” on days where I was wearing no fragrance other than this lotion. It does a pretty decent job at moisturising, but please keep in mind that I don’t have very dry skin so I’m not sure how it would work for those who need a deeper moisturising lotion than I. The Bath + Body Works Exotic Coconut Lotion retails for $9.50 US and is only available from Bath + Body Works Online. (Note: I purchased mine using parcel forwarding service, Hop Shop Go)

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  1. I’ve worn Juniper Breeze for more than 12 years and I don’t know what I’d do without it! In the winter I use Body Creme and then switch to the lotion in the summer and I think it does the trick for moisturizer. And I’ve never worn perfume but people totally identify this as “my” scent. It’s technically discontinued but you can still purchase online and I also stockpile it (I currently have about 10 bottles of lotion and 6 tubes of body creme)

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