Autumn/Winter Wardrobe

The time has come the walrus said to start thinking about my Autumn/Winter wardrobe for the year. Winter is my favourite season, so despite the fact that the temperature is still in the high 30’s, I am already eagerly trawling the internet for beautiful cold-weather pieces. I’ve not been feeling well for the past couple of days so I decided to treat myself and take advantage of the ASOS free shipping and 15% discount code that is available at the moment (VIPSS11 for those playing at home). I ended up with these two pieces for my Autumn/Winter wardrobe this year:

I’m making a conscious effort to pick pieces in shapes and colours that I know I’ll get a lot of wear out of this year. Truth be told I really did not need another scarf this season, and as snobby as it sounds I tend to opt for cashmere scarves most of the time (this one is acrylic) but I couldn’t resist the beautiful forest green colour. After browsing ASOS for a while and settling for those two pieces I did my monthly Etsy search for the term “peacock” to see what gems I could find. I ended up buying this bangle as soon as the page opened. It’ll probably end up being hideously tacky but who cares, it’s a peacock.

7 Thoughts on “Autumn/Winter Wardrobe

  1. I love Warehouse pieces. That jumper will be so useful, and the forest green is such a stunning colour!

  2. Haha, “who cares, it’s a peacock.”

  3. I am absolutely on the same page as you! Winter is my favourite, I feel much more stylish in a coat, scarf and boots etc.
    I love both the items you got, especially the sweater. Your wardrobe posts have inspired me to do the same thing, i only wish to be as organised as you.

  4. Great buys! Love the green and the peacock bracelet, gotta love those peacock colors.

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