Product Review: KORA Balancing Rose Mist

When Miranda Kerr first released her skincare range KORA, I was somewhat cynical. I’m not sure why that is (possibly something to do with me being annoyed with how she was always harping on about how perfect her life is), but I’ve seen her in a whole new light over the past couple of months. I honestly believe that she lives as organically as she possibly can, and if the Balancing Rose Mist is anything to judge it on the KORA skincare range is absolutely beautiful. The mist is a lot lighter than any I’ve used before, and the scent is incredible. I find that spritzing the rose mist over my skin definitely calms it down and reduces redness, and I’ve found it very refreshing to use as a little pick me up during the summer. The packaging is really beautiful, and I wish I could buy my regular Dermalogica holy-grail items in similar packaging! The white and blue look so amazing together. (Dermalogica, are you reading this? No? Oh well.) I’m not sure if I will repurchase this again, purely for the price point. I will however, be trying out the Energising Citrus Mist in the near future. (after P10P of course!) The KORA Balancing Rose Mist retails for $39.95 AUD and is available for purchase online from the KORA website, or from David Jones stores throughout Australia.