Product Review: Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant

People often ask me what would be the number one Dermalogica product that I would recommend they use, and my answer is always the Daily Microfoliant. Not only because it is suitable for all skin types (except for those using medically prescribed skin care), but because it’s one of the best skin care products I’ve ever used. I’ve heard so many people raving on about this product, and I agree with all of the positive reviews. The Daily Microfoliant is one of my skin saviour products, and I can’t live without a bottle of it in my beauty cupboard. The microfoliant is a rice based enzyme powder, and to use you simply tip a little bit of the dry product on to damp hands, massage onto your face and rinse. It leaves my skin looking clear and bright, and it’s one of the most gentle facial exfoliants I’ve ever come across. You can purchase the Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant online for $75.15 AUD (currently on sale) at Adore Beauty.

8 Thoughts on “Product Review: Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant

  1. Love it too! And it lasts so long so it’s value for money.

  2. Jana on March 8, 2011 at 7:29 pm said:

    Do you use it every single day? I have had mine for awhile but don’t consistently use it every day because I don’t find it to do much besides make my face feel really clean. I wish it worked amazingly for me like it seems to for everyone else lol 🙁

    • I use it every day in the morning in place of a facial cleanser. I find that it really helps to keep my skin clean and free from dead skin buildup.

  3. I’ve wanted to try this for ages, but my current cleanser is already an exfoliant and so I don’t think they’d mix. I think it’s so interesting that it’s a powder!

  4. Lucy on March 9, 2011 at 6:15 am said:

    Oh how I love this little gem! 🙂 Was introduced to it by a beauty therapist over 2 years ago and there’s been no turning back for me! I even managed to keep using it (at the advice of my wonderful beauty therapist Lady Allison at Adore Beauty) whilst on prescribed medication for my skin. I had to drop back to every second or third day, as opposed to every day, but it was fine to use on my sensitised skin! This stuff is just magic.

  5. I bought it about 4 months ago, have been using it but not really every day, rather 3 times a week and now when I got some tan not that often (London water washes off tan so quickly!). I really like that product, I can’t really say if it safe me from any blemishes as still from time to time I get them but as I’ve mentioned before I’m not using it every day. I think it’s very interesting product and I would recommend it together with the smoothing cream.

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