Product Review: Napoleon Perdis Loose Dust #9

Looking back, I think this might have been the very first Napoleon Perdis product that I ever bought. I still love it to this day and I feel like it might actually last until the end of time. After a quick bit of google research and a trip to the Napoleon counter today it’s come to my attention that the loose dust eyeshadows are now packaged differently, and there seems to be a new colour naming system. Which to me makes more sense because the whole numbered shadows thing seems kind of confusing (and slightly boring) to me. The colour #9 was apparently ‘Golden Beige’, but this isn’t marked on the packaging anywhere.

The Napoleon Loose Dust shadows have a similar consistancy to a pigment, and they can be used in a few different ways. Personally I use this shade as a highlight, and all over lid colour and occasionally as a liner (just add water to a little bit of product and voila! this also makes for a particularly striking shadow when used wet). You only need a small amount of the loose dust for maximum colour payoff, so this product is definitely great value for money. It contains a lot of shimmer, so if you’re sparkle averse this product probably isn’t for you. I don’t think this particular shadow is in production anymore, but you can currently pick it up for $23.80 AUD from Active Skin online.

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