Tea Obsessions: T2 Gorgeous Geisha

Hello, I love tea. Like Stef, I am a huge fan of herbal tea and have made it my mission in life to discover the tastiest herbal and fruit blend teas available. Okay, that sounds pretty intense but I do enjoy a cup of the old herbal, and in particular green tea. My current favourite is the T2 Green blend “Gorgeous Geisha“. If someone were to make a herbal tea equivalent of the combination of green tea strawberries & cream lollies, this would be it.

Unopened Products: Skincare

After seeing a few of these posts popping up in the blogsphere I decided to name and shame myself among those of us who have quite a large stash of yet-to-be-opened products sitting in the bathroom cupboard. I decided to start with skincare, as this is the biggest backlog that I have. Mainly because skincare takes quite a while to properly trial (in my opinion anyway) and I like to introduce one new product at a time into my skincare routine, just so I can get a clear idea of which product does what. You can expect reviews of a majority of these products in the future: NP Set Purifying Facial Cleanser, NP Set Detoxifying Facial Toner, NP Set Wake Me Up Day Cream, NP Set Say Goodnight Night Cream, Napoleon Perdis Marshmallow Foam, The Jojoba Company Gentle Cleansing Balm, The Jojoba Company Pure Australian Golden Jojoba, The Jojoba Company Cucumber + Guava Firming Eye Balm, The Jojoba Company Hydrating Day Cream, The Jojoba Company Intense Recovery Balm, The Jojoba Company Intense Overnight Renewal Cream, The Jojoba Company Antioxidant Serum, The Jojoba Company Jojoba Bead + Bamboo Facial Exfoliant, La Mav Certified Organic Soothing Cream Cleanser, La Mav Certified Organic Firming Eye Lotion, La Mav Certified Organic Antioxidant Skin Booster, La Mav Certified Organic Wrinkle Smoother Complex, Face Of Australia Gentle Make-Up Remover (x2), Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant, Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Anti-Ageing Cream, Olay Complete Defense Daily UV Moisturising Lotion & Lanolin Agg-Tval Eggwhite Facial Care. Uh, yeah. Shameful.


Another fortnight, another pay day, another book buying spree. I am actually considering putting myself on a mini book buying ban for a little while, as I have a lot of books to read already sitting on my shelf and no real must-have books coming out soon or sitting on my wishlist.