Tea Obsessions: T2 Gorgeous Geisha

Hello, I love tea. Like Stef, I am a huge fan of herbal tea and have made it my mission in life to discover the tastiest herbal and fruit blend teas available. Okay, that sounds pretty intense but I do enjoy a cup of the old herbal, and in particular green tea. My current favourite is the T2 Green blend “Gorgeous Geisha“. If someone were to make a herbal tea equivalent of the combination of green tea strawberries & cream lollies, this would be it.

6 Thoughts on “Tea Obsessions: T2 Gorgeous Geisha

  1. Mmm…. strawberries and cream…

  2. I’ve never actually repurchased tea, but this one, this one I bought over and over. Love love love Gorgeous Geisha 😛

  3. This is one of my favorite tea’s, it’s so yummy. I’m going to have a cup right now.

  4. I looove Gorgeous Geisha, super tasty! Thanks for reminding me about it, it’s at the back of the collection but going to be moved to the front now!

  5. hi. im from malaysia. ive been looking for this tea but cant find it anywhere in malaysia. tried it once in one restaurant. dont know where they got the supply

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