Product Review: ASAP Super A Serum

I have minimal experience with the ASAP Skincare Brand, but judging by the products that I’ve used in the past, I really like their range. The Super A Serum is one of the newer products from the ASAP range, and I think it’s going to be a hit. “ASAP’s new Super A Serum is an advanced anti-ageing revitalising treatment developed specifically to help diminish the appearance of sun damage and pigmentation.” Though I am still not 100% on anti-ageing products (I don’t know if I will ever really be on board with them), I am happy to work with preventative skincare to help keep pigmentation at a minimum. This serum feels like a dream to apply. It’s smooth and silky and glides over the face to make your skin feel like satin. (It’s a good idea not to stand there stroking your face in amazement at how good it feels though, because you’ll just transfer all the nasty germs & bacteria from your hands to your face, which will cancel out all of the good that the Super A Serum is doing…) I am yet to see any long-term effects of this product, but as miracles don’t come in a tube I don’t know that I will see anything too dramatic. As a serum in general, this product is great and leaves my skin feeling soft and plumped through the night and into the following day. (note: When using Vitamin A/Retinol products it’s a good idea to introduce them to your skin slowly and build up your usage as time goes on) the ASAP Super A Serum retails for $79 AUD and can be purchased from Australian online beauty retailer Adore Beauty. (note: I was sent this product for consideration for review)