Wardrobe Wednesday: ASOS/Shopbop Haul

I was planning on doing a feature on my earring collection (as requested by Claire), but taking into consideration the fact that I threw even more money at ASOS and Shopbop over the past week or so I figured I might as well share my purchases with the world.

(In my defense, every single item I purchased was on sale…) I had been looking for a nice pair of wedge heeled closed toe ankle boots for a while, so when I saw the above pair on ASOS I couldn’t resist. I also had the leopard print scarf saved in my to-buy folder on my bookmarks and lo and behold when I searched for it, it was on sale. Bonus. The top I was up in the air about, but I thought it would be nice & easy to throw on over jeans with flats to wear to the movies or something like that. So into the basket it went. I also broke all of my wardrobe shopping rules and impulse bought some jeggings (don’t judge me) despite them being the absolute wrong style of jeans for my body type. I had to buy something to push me over the $100 mark to qualify for free international shipping, so I also ordered this baggy jumper to wear over the jeggings to save the world the sight of me in jean style leggings.

8 Thoughts on “Wardrobe Wednesday: ASOS/Shopbop Haul

  1. I agree with all these purchases! Wedge heel boots are sooooo comfy, I am loving mine.

  2. Lucy on May 25, 2011 at 12:42 pm said:

    Oooh they’re very similar wedges to ones I’m lusting after (I actually already have them in a cedar brown suede and love them so much I want them in black leather too!) – though mine are platformless. Great purchases though! But those jeggings look like jeans?!

  3. Claire on May 26, 2011 at 10:29 am said:

    Those ankle booties are very lust worthy indeed! and the scarf just looks beautiful. I’m always interested in your clothing purchases because they’re definitely more approachable but stylish, which in a blogging land full of teenage girls and clothing that barely cover their bodies, it’s refreshing. Anyways, great pieces as always.

  4. Great choices- love the boots!

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