Product Review: Stila Sheer Colour Tinted Moisturiser in Bare

At the beginning of June I made an executive decision to do away with foundation. At least during the day, as I’m sure I’ll get slap happy again for any nights out on the town that may crop up in the near future, but for now it’s fresh faced all the way. This decision stemmed from the current state of my skin (sh*t, for those playing at home) and my recent epic battles of foundation vs nature as I struggle with an umbrella that likes to turn itself inside out in the rain and I’m too lazy to buy a new one. So yes, at the moment I am surviving with my day to day makeup base consisting of tinted moisturiser, concealer, and a bit of loose powder to set. I struggled for quite a while to find a tinted moisturiser that suited my skin tone (Who would have thought tinted moisturiser would be as hard to shade match as foundation?! Not me, but apparently pale people just can’t have nice things), but that I’ve discovered this product I am home free.

Despite having oily/combination skin, I prefer this version of the tinted moisturiser over the oil free formulation. Having said that, it does leave the skin looking quite shiny so I feel that powder is definitely necessary. (Note: If you apply the tinted moisturiser and leave it to settle in for a while it does loose a lot of it’s initial shininess.) The coverage is sheer, as is expected with a tinted moisturiser, but I do find that it is enough to even out my reddish skin tone and cover most of my uneven pigmentation. The Stila Sheer Colour Tinted Moisturiser in Bare is currently unavailable, but can usually be purchased online or in store from Mecca Cosmetica.

11 Thoughts on “Product Review: Stila Sheer Colour Tinted Moisturiser in Bare

  1. Great review! I’ve been eyeing off the Stila Tinted Moisturisers for a couple of months now, however since having tried the Laura Mercier Oil Free TM and Origins VitaZing (I strongly urge you to go and try this amazing little tube of amazingness out!) I feel it would take a lot to make me sway from either of those!

  2. But, I’m pale and I want nice things. So many nice things. Like this one.

  3. Georgie on June 21, 2011 at 5:55 pm said:

    I’m a huge fan of the Laura Mercier Oil Free TM, but have been wanting to try Stila for ages…what are the differences between this one and the oil-free one?

    • I found that the oil free version didn’t offer anything in the way of coverage, and was in fact even more shiny after applying than the version containing oil…

  4. Andrea on June 21, 2011 at 6:25 pm said:

    I have that one too and it’s perfect for summer but I think I’m getting pimples from it so I stopped and went with I.D instead. It might just have been a time when I had skin trubbles in general but I quit for a while and it got better. You havn’t had any trubbles with that?

    • No Cups, I haven’t had any trouble with breakouts after using the tinted moisturiser 🙁 Maybe it was your skin in general and not the product?

  5. Great review! Now that my skin is improving I’m interested in bases much more these days. Thanks for the rec! 🙂

  6. Have you tried Chantecaille? It’s lovely because it’s oil-free, yet hydrating, with a satiny (not at all shiny) finish. And it comes in light shades!

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