Product Review: NARS Pure Matte Lipstick in Carthage

One of the more popular makeup lemmings floating around the beauty world at the moment is the NARS Pure Matte Lipstick in the shade Carthage. I first saw this amazing shade worn on the pretty little face of Emma Stone at the Met Gala earlier in the year, and at once decided that I needed it’s fluro pink beauty on my lips ASAP. Then I kind of forgot about it for a little while and remembered it again when placing an order with Kiss and Makeup NY. And now it’s mine, all mine! And it’s gorgeous. See?

Behold, bright pink wonder. It took me a while to get used to the matte formulation (word to the wise: you will need super moisturised lips or this lipstick will look like you smeared cracked crayon on your face) but now I love it. I receive so many compliments when I wear this, though I am yet to brave wearing this colour in the harsh brightness of day. Soon my pretty, soon. The wear is amazing, and I’ve only had to re-apply once or twice during a night out. Having said that, I have worn this both with and without liner and the colour does tend to stain the lips a little regardless of whether you have something underneath it or not. So be warned, you will have faded pink lips the next day. You can purchase the NARS Pure Matte Lipstick in Carthage for $25 AUD at Kiss & Makeup NY online.

13 Thoughts on “Product Review: NARS Pure Matte Lipstick in Carthage

  1. Amanda on July 13, 2011 at 2:19 pm said:

    Very pretty! How did you find Kiss & Makeup? How long did shipping take?

    • I can’t remember exactly how I was first introduced to Kiss & Makeup NY but I’ve placed orders with them a few times (and know others who have too) and haven’t had any problems as of yet *touch wood*. Shipping usually takes around 2 weeks, and is a flat rate of $9.95 to Australia.

  2. You know I love this. I wore mine on Saturday night and it is VERY bright. My only criticism is that I totally agree with you on the matte and it can feel like wearing crayon at times and can slightly congeal in the sides of your mouth. Small price to pay for such fabulousness though.

    • Yes, it got a bit gritty on my bottom lip at one stage which freaked me out. I was blaming the lipliner but I think it might have been the fomulation of the lippy.

  3. I saw this on Emma Stone & kiss & makeup ny too – i neeeeeeeeeeeeeeed it. especially now that you had lovely things to say about it 🙁

    I don’t actually mind that it stains – blue lipsticks are annoying when they do, but pink is ok.

    • Blue lipstick?! Rad! Yeah the stain is actually quite pretty. You could easily chuck some gloss over and make it look like you have it on on purpose.

  4. Carthage is SO pretty, but I think I might be too lazy for a very matte lipstick.

  5. The colour is gorgeous!

  6. Goodness, I don’t need to have used a matte lipstick to look like I’ve been let loose on my face with stationary.

  7. I love the idea of matte lippy, but the cracked crayon look is what terrifies me! I will have to concentrate on moisturising properly before I try it out.

  8. I wear mine over lip balm for a glossy sheen… which defeats the purpose of matte lipstick, I know, but even with balm underneath it lasts longer than an average lipstick and the colour is beautiful. Not a fan of matte lipstick myself (so lovely on other people but I am all for a fresh-faced, dewy look that lends itself to lipgloss and sheer, moisturising lipsticks) but this is an exception. xx

  9. Rawr Carthage looks fierce! I agree with these Pure Mattes needing super moisturised lips, I find I can only wear Bangkok on my good lip days.

    I absolutely love a bold matte lip, I can imagine how amazing it would look on you!

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