Product Review: Face of Australia Pressed Powder in Bronze

I am one of those people who has never been confident wearing bronzer. There is something about the harsh contrast of ghost white skin and a brown toned bronzer that can just look… well, revolting. Short of bronzing my whole face (and then my white neck looks a little bit strange), it seems to be impossible to properly blend the brown shades into my skintone and keep things looking natural. In short, I have never been able to make the bronzer work for me. And then the Face of Australia Pressed Powder in Bronze rolled into town.

I am yet to attempt to wear this in the day time, but at night time it works a treat. (Please note that I did apply this to my face with a very light hand – anything too heavy would have looked far too obvious on my skin. Also note that I have the pale grey pallor of a 3 day old corpse, so no doubt it would look different on those with a healthier skin tone than I.) The Face of Australia Pressed Powder in Bronze contains light shimmer that looks wonderful under lights and makes adding extra highlight to the cheeks unnecessary. The Face of Australia Pressed Powder in Bronze retails for $11.95 AUD and is available for purchase from these stockists. (note: I was sent this product for consideration for review)

8 Thoughts on “Product Review: Face of Australia Pressed Powder in Bronze

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    P.S I love Merlot and I wish the guy who made my coffee looked like John Kransinki too!

  2. three day old corpse, you say? Speaking my language! I shall go check this out!

  3. I am likewise incredibly fearful of bronzer.

    A good alternative for ghost-babes like you ‘n me is Too Faced “Snow Bunny” compact.

    Check it out! I rarely wear it as I’m not much of a bronzery girl either and it’s been hiding at the bottom of my drawer, but it’s prettay good. I might bust it out this week.

  4. I used to be afraid of bronzer as well. To be honest, even the swatch looks a bit too orange. I use NARs “Laguna”…I’m ghostly pale as well, but used with a light hand it adds a beautiful glow to the face. In LOVE with it.

  5. I take your 3 day corpse and raise you the following: having a lifeguard rush toward you at a public pool, alarmed that your paleness is the sign of a medical emergency and wanting to check you’re not about to fall face first in the water. This happened not once, but twice to me 😉

    That’s why I don’t wear bronzer (nay, am terrified of bronzer) because it does look revolting on me! Could this one prove me wrong? x

  6. I’m a little freaked out by bronzer but it looks like it would make a lovely eyeshadow 😉

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