‘Meet Your Maker’

The wonderful Polly Mae recently attended an eco-friendly fashion event on The Belle Lumiere’s behalf, and here is what she had to say…

I like to think I’m a pretty decent person. Wow, that sounded a little egotistical, didn’t it? Let’s try this again… I mean, I eat the free-range eggs, I always recycle, I never use beauty products that test on animals, and I smile at random people in the street, just because. But I have to admit, my first thought when trying on a pair of skinny leg jeans or cute little summer dress isn’t: “I wonder who made this.” It’s usually more along the lines of: “Does this make my legs look fat?”

Meet Your Maker is the new campaign from Ethical Clothing Australia, the government-funded initiative ensuring Australians workers are being treated as they deserve. The aim of their new campaign is to bring the awareness back into fashion about the people behind your fab new threads. With a great group of Australia’s top designers on board, you – the buyer – are now free to check out the men and women who are hard at work to bring you the best of the best in Aussie fashion. When you stop by one of their retailers, you’ll notice the little eco-friendly swing tags with all the info you need to track down your ‘maker’ online. And with over tens of thousands of Australian brands still undercutting their garment makers, the campaign is trying to bring back the awareness we have all lost (myself, included!) around fair trade in the world of fashion.

And, as a little ‘did you know?’ side note, you can look for the Ethical Clothing Australia trademark on any garment produced in Australia, which shows that each and every worker involved in its production were treated and paid fairly. So next time you make everyone in the store stop and reassure you that ‘no, your ass doesn’t look massive in that skirt!’… Take a moment to think about the people behind the scenes who are working hard to make you look so good. Because, let’s face it, you probably look HOT.

Visit Meet Your Maker to learn more about this iniative.

Product Review: Flourish Bath & Body Perfume Oil in Sugar

I didn’t think anything could top the Almond Milk perfume oil as my favourite product from the Flourish Bath + Body range, but then there was Sugar. This perfume is the single most complimented fragrance that I have ever worn. From people literally stopping me on the street to co-workers standing near my desk saying “something smells like cake” – people just seem to love it. I love it too, and as I am admittedly crap at describing scents, I’ll borrow the description from Flourish’s Etsy store – “Ethereal, delicate sweetness- a stray tendril of spun sugar wafting on a cool breeze. Sweet, of course- but not at all cloying or sticky. Rather, it’s watery, light, crisp. Orange blossom, vanilla, berries, a hint of anise – but “Sugar” really describes it best.” It is a sweet scent, and the name sugar really seems to suit it perfectly. I find the perfume oils last well on me throughout the day, but one of my best girlfriends has one and it doesn’t seem to last as long on her. Having said that I do tend to reapply during the day because the little roller ball packaging is so easy to take with me in my purse to work. The Flourish Bath + Body Perfume Oils retail for $9 USD and are available for purchase from the Etsy Store.

October Favourites

I’m a little bit late with my favourites this month, but late is better than never right? (right.) My most reached for products in the month of October were: Bath + Body Works Exotic Coconut Body Splash, Face of Australia Pressed Powder in Bronze, Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Siren & Essie Nail Polish in Pink Parka.

Come Shop With Me & GIVEAWAY [CLOSED]

There is something so satisfying about writing the word GIVEAWAY in caps lock. It’s exciting. Anyhoo, I digress. It is my 27th birthday this weekend, and I am choosing to celebrate by having a mild, internal panic attack, eating copious amounts of Mexican food, and spending too much money (much like any other weekend during the year really). I stumbled across Francesca’s Collections after seeing Michele1218 sporting one of their necklaces in a youtube video recently (I am single white femaling the heck out of that girl lately, it’s getting a bit weird) and fell in love with nearly everything on their site. So I bought some things.

I bought two of the above pictured watch, and to celebrate turning old I am going to give one away to say thanks to you all for sticking with me year after year. To enter the giveaway, simply comment on this entry and be sure to include your email address so that I can contact you if you are the winner (one entry per person please). This giveaway is open internationally and entries will close on December 13th, 2011. Good luck!