Project 50 Pan (part 2)

06 – Passport Tahiti Moana Body Wash
07 – Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturizer (I would repurchase this, but I have other moisturisers to use up first before I buy any more)
08 – Flourish Perfume Oil in Sugar (I will definitely be repurchasing this after P50P)
09 – Kosmea Organic Rose Mist
10 – Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant (One of my holy grail skin care items, if I didn’t have another of these in my cupboard ready to be used I would have repurchased and not included it in this tally)

I am busting through these empties like there is no tomorrow… Though having said that, I feel like I might be hitting a dry spell over the next month or so. We’ll see.

17 Thoughts on “Project 50 Pan (part 2)

  1. I started my project 25 pan in mid August. I have just hit 16. Good grief.

    That said it’s not really a project 25 pan since I gave up on the no-buy and it’s just turned into an experiment to see how long it takes me to burn through x amount of products. A terrifying experiment. I think of those 16 products about four of them are makeup, the rest skincare, and about a third are Haus of Gloi. uuurgh.

    • I seem to be lucky with my project X pans – I always seem to have quite a few products that I’m just about to finish up whenever I start!

      Haus of Gloi are the devil’s work. So perfect.

  2. You’re doing so well! Great work Jess πŸ™‚

  3. Good job. I’m frightened even to attempt an anything pan. I’ve just started using that dermalogical exfoliant and while I haven’t loved a lot of other products by the brand, that stuff is amazing.

  4. Wow you’re doing so well, I’m not game enough to do one of these projects but I am really making a huge effort to finish products – although it isn’t easy since I get bored of using one of something and stop using it halfway through!

  5. You are doing SO well! I only applied my Project 10 Pan to makeup, but am finding that I’m burning through haircare and bath and body stuff instead >__> fail haha

  6. You are doing so well! I’m starting to think I should attempt P50P again too.

  7. Great empties! I admire your strength, there is no way I could do one of these.

  8. This really makes me wish Microfoliant worked for me. ):

  9. You are doing so good – I love the dermatologica skin care range – it really helped clear up my skin and thankfully at 28 I only get the odd skin outbreak – phew!

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