Hair @ NYFW – Peter Som

It’s that time again… New York Fashion Week time. AKA one of the many times of year when I long to return to New York. If only to relive the moment when I argued with the sales assistant at Sephora about the shading of Givenchy foundations. Ahh, memories. It’s also a great time to start gathering hair and makeup inspiration from the runway (and for most people to try things out and have them work, unlike myself who tries things out only to have them fail spectacularly).

First up – Wella Professionals Global Creative Director Eugene Souleiman’s look at Peter Som. “The Peter Som collection this season is very pared back and led by strict shapes and colours, so I wanted to create a graphic look that worked with the collection but at the same time was not too harsh. This look is all about tension; tension from the contrast of the small sleek head shape against the full wildness and texture at the back of the hair, and tension between the shine and precision of the top section against the arid rawness of the longer lengths” I don’t know about you but I think this arid rawness looks pretty amazing –

To get the look yourself –

· Start with clean freshly washed and conditioned hair, using Wella Professionals Enrich Shampoo and Conditioner.
· Prep hair with Wella Professionals Stay Brilliant Color Protecting Lotion and then blow dry with a round brush to create texture.
· Section the hair at the front of hair and create a deep side parting. Smooth hair down and spray with Wella Professionals Perfect Setting to create a sleek finish, comb this through so that the hair is flat to the head and finish with Wella Professionals Stay Styled hairspray – spraying close to the hair to give a gel like finish.
· Pull the hair back behind the ears and create a low, tight pony tail at the nape of the neck.
· Spray the ponytail with Wella Professionals Ocean Spritz Beach Texture Spray to add texture and twist hair into a bun and secure with hair pins. Set the hair by applying heat from a blow dryer.
· When hair is completely dry, remove the pins and pony tail and allow the bun to come undone so that the hair falls on the back of the head in matte, textured waves.
· To create more volume and texture, lift random sections of the hair and back brush with Wella Professionals Stay Styled hairspray.

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