NOTD – Essie ‘After Sex’

This is one Essie shade that I’d never heard of before ordering it from OzSale a few months back (and with a name like that, you’d think I would have). It’s a beautiful deep red shade with a hint of shimmer to it. And let that sentence forever stand as a testament to how crap I am at describing nail polish shades. In any case, it’s a pretty colour and perfect for the cooler months.

4 Thoughts on “NOTD – Essie ‘After Sex’

  1. This nail polish look super nice and I might have to buy it but I can’t believe it’s actually called ‘After Sex’, ugh.

  2. addtocartblog on April 14, 2012 at 12:27 pm said:

    *Raised eyebrow* Okay, Essie. Gorgeous colour though 🙂

  3. When fall/winter comes this will be mine!

  4. Love this colour!

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