Project 50 Pan: Shop My Stash

Although I’ve been struggling a bit with sticking to the no-buy aspect of Project 50 Pan lately, I’m still making some headway when it comes to finishing up products. One trick I’ve been using to help me attempt to stay on track is the ‘shop my stash’ method. This is actually a lot more legal than it sounds. Basically each week I pull 3-5 makeup items from my collection and make an effort to use them in my daily routine. At the end of each week I store these products in a container next to my makeup storage and choose new products for the week ahead. This way I am getting full use of my entire collection (or at least I will eventually) and I’m also rediscovering products that I own that I had completely forgotten about.

A few other tricks I’ve been using to help me whittle down my stash are:

– Watch Project 10 Pan videos on youtube when I’m feeling uninspired

– Use products that I don’t necessarily like, but want to finish up at least once a week (this is mostly regarding skin, hair and body products ie: cleanser, toner, shampoo etc)

– Re-organise my products (this often causes me to stumble across products that I completely forgot existed, or just generally puts into perspective how much I own already)

Do you have any Project Pan tips?