Winter Beauty Haul: Alchemic Muse

After finishing Project 50 Pan I felt a compulsive urge to purchase some beauty products from Etsy. One of my favourite things to do during a lazy lunch break at work is to browse the countless stores on Etsy, and the homemade beauty section is truly inspiring. I can’t remember exactly what search term I used to stumbled across the AlchemicMuse store, but no doubt it was something along the lines of ‘vanilla almond red velvet cake body lotion’.

I thought it might be a good idea to do a quick break down of what I purchased in order to help enable my fellow impulse buyers –

Bittersweet Handmade Soap “A slice of sweetness, but watch out for its bite! Juicy slices of sweet clementine, blood orange, tangerine, and ruby red grapefruit drizzled with bittersweet chocolate.”

Chiquita Handmade Soap & Body Whip “Sexy… not your ordinary banana. Creamy, ripened banana marbled with buttered rum and vanilla bourbon grounded in an enticing, warm base of soft sandalwood and amber musk.”

Carnival Handmade Soap “Relive the days of swing sets and carousel rides with this fun-loving scent from childhood. Sweet pink grapefruit, cotton candy, and lemon drops afloat a heart of sticky caramel, red berries, and fig leaves in a warm, comforting base of bourbon vanilla and white musk.”

Marzipan Body Whip & Cream Soap “A truly delicious confection of sweet almonds creamed with raw sugar and delectable notes of buttery vanilla, almond milk, shortbread and a touch of sweet cherry.”

Vanilla Bourbon Body Whip “Playful and inviting, this exquisite gourmet treat features smooth vanilla cream folded into swirls of golden butter with a generous shot of aged bourbon.”

Blackstrap Body Whip “Submit to the sultry and inviting aroma of this enticing creation. Caramelized brown sugar, sweet blackstrap molasses and creamy coconut milk dripping over ripe Moroccan figs floating on a base of vanilla beans and soft white musk.”

They were also nice enough to include samples of the Fresh Mango & Waikiki Handmade Soap, both of which smell absolutely beautiful and will be perfect for summer when it eventually rolls around.

All in all I’m really happy with AlchemicMuse so far (before I’ve had a chance to try out the products) based on quality of service, pricing, packaging & scent range alone. My favourite scents from what I ordered would be the Vanilla Bourbon & Chiquita, though I’m slightly disappointed with Marzipan as it leans towards being more of a medicinal cherry in the pot than anything too almondy (not a word). I’ll definitely be repurchasing from this store in the future, in fact I’m browsing through their Summer release product range right now.