– obligatory dog shot –

I’ve had a few requests to do a Q&A post in the past but I’ve been hesitant to do one because sometimes putting out the call for questions can result in a deafening silence. Which in turn leaves me feeling awkward and uncomfortable, two feelings I go out of my way to avoid at all times. Nevertheless I felt braver than usual (I wasn’t even drunk!) and put the call out for questions, and in they came. So here we go –

Why don’t I have ten years of bathroom counter like you? It’s entirely possible that you are not currently living in my house. If you did live in my house you too could celebrate the amazing counter space that my bathroom provides.

I feel super nosy but I’d like to know what your job is? (not specifics, I’m not a creepy stalker) Without going into too much detail I can confirm that my job entails the following: finance, administration, copywriting, team management, drinking too much coffee, policy development, daydreaming, liaising with solicitors and avoiding public speaking.

Can you fly to Melbourne and be my personal stylist? Will you pay for my flights, accommodation and valium?

What made you start a blog? To be honest I can’t really remember what inspired me to start up The Belle Lumiere. I used to develop my own websites many moons ago, and got to the point where I was doing all the coding and design myself. But I have grown fat and lazy in my old age and now rely on WordPress to do all of the heavy lifting for me.

Name top 5 people that influence you (beauty fashion whatever) – This is a tough one because I don’t find myself that easily influenced. I’d say beauty and fashion wise, Liv Tyler would probably be my biggest influence as she was the first celebrity that I was really inspired by.

Favourite/frequently visited online stores for products & clothes (top five for each) – For clothing: ASOS, Forever 21, Shopbop, GAP & Country Road. For beauty products: Strawberrynet, Adore Beauty, Kiss & Makeup NY, Sephora & Bath + Body Works.

Favourite type of cereal? I don’t eat cereal. I like oats though, if that counts.

Favourite skin care and makeup brand? My favourite skin care brand is Dermalogica. I don’t really have a favourite makeup brand but if I had to judge based on which brand I own the most products from, it would probably be MAC.

Fox Mulder, Misha Collins, Daryl Dixon – Fuck, Marry, Kill? This is probably the most difficult question I’ve ever been asked, and I put some serious thought into answering it. I would probably marry Misha Collins because he is the most stable and is an actual person. He also speaks multiple languages, built his own house with his bare hands and is married to his high school sweet heart. Deciding who I would choose to kill between Fox Mulder and Daryl Dixon was a tough and gut wrenching decision. I decided to kill Daryl and fuck Mulder because 15 year old me would have wanted it that way. Plus Daryl is living in a post apocalyptic world so his days are already numbered.

Why does sour cream have a use by date? I am lactose intolerant so this question is moot.

What band are you most embarrassed about liking as a teenager? I regret nothing. But I did go through a Korn phase.

What would be your strategy in a zombie apocalypse? Now this one I have thought long and hard about for many years because I am a total weirdo. One thing to remember whenever a possible apocalyptic scenario strikes – fill your bathtub with water (Thanks for that tip, Cormac McCarthy). Once it had been established that yes, this was in fact a zombie apocalypse, the likes of which I am unlikely to survive because I avoid confrontation in life as a general rule, I would probably pack up my family in a couple of cars and head to the bush. Though it’s entirely likely that I would be stuck at work in the city when disaster struck so I’d probably live off the stash of tea and tins of tuna in my desk drawer for 3 years and eventually be the first one to crack and jump out the window. I would also keep a weather eye open for Daryl Dixon at all times.

What would you do if you woke up and you were a giant bug? Probably go to work as normal, just to see how people reacted.

I’d love to know how many days a week you wear makeup, or how much makeup you wear generally day to day? I wear makeup at least 6 days a week, and try to avoid wearing makeup on Sunday where I can (if I have no social engagements etc). I don’t wear a lot of makeup, and when I do I try to make it look as natural as possible. Although sometimes it feels like it takes more effort to look like you put minimal effort into your look than it does to shoot yourself in the face with a makeup gun and be done with it.

How do you prepare for your up and coming posts? Do you block out a particular day e.g. a Sunday and bang them out and schedule them or do you set aside a hours so a night and work on them that way? At the start of each month I write up a little plan in my diary about posts that I plan to write. Each day (if I have the time) I check the list and write up whichever post I’m in the mood for. Occasionally I’ll feel motivated to post something random, so I’ll just whip it up in the evening when I sit down to get things done on the computer. Lately I’ve been having to plan a bit more because the lighting in the evening is terrible, so if I want to include a decent photograph with the post I need to plan ahead and take the pictures on the weekend during the day when the lighting is good.

Thank you to everyone who submitted a question, because I had a lot of fun writing up these answers!