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Here’s a scary thought: Spring is one month away. In the not too distant future we’ll no longer be hiding behind the safety of opaque stockings and long pants. Bare legs are necessary in the end-of-year Australian warmth, which means it’s time to start thinking about Spring/Summer beauty prep. First things first: hair removal. I simply cannot make leg waxing work for me. I have super fair skin and very dark hair, the combination of which does not work well when it comes to letting body hair grow out for an extended period of time. Ideally I would love to be able to wax my legs or go through a course of IPL, but realistically I can’t justify the time or money to spend on such things when I could pick up a decent razor and easily maintain it myself. I’ve been trying out the new Schick Hydro Silk Razor for a few weeks now, and I’m loving it. The razor contains 5 blades which helps to ensure that I pick up every single stubborn little hair (I’m sure we’ve all been in the situation where you discover a random stray patch on your leg that you’ve missed and it’s certainly not ideal). I also find the shape of the razor glides really easily over the bumps and contours of my body, far easier than any I’ve used in the past. I use leftover hair conditioner to lather my legs prior to shaving (thanks to Scarlett Johansson for that little beauty tip), so I didn’t notice that I experienced any additional benefit from the moisturising strips on the razor, but I did notice that they helped the razor to glide over my skin easily. The Schick Hydro Silk Razors retail for $14.25 AUD (the 4 cartridge refill packs are $19.25) and is available for purchase from Woolworths, Coles, Priceline and other pharmacies throughout Australia. (note: this product was sent for consideration for review)

Here is the fun part: I have the opportunity to give away 5 of the Schick Hydro Silk Razors to readers of The Belle Lumiere to trial and review on the blog. Please leave a comment below letting me know that you’re interested, and I will draw the 5 members of the trial team at random on Saturday 11th August. Please note that this is open to Australian residents only. Good luck!

ETA: The trial team has been chosen, congratulations to Paulette, Sabine, Dustyn, Gemma and Rosemarie!

9 Thoughts on “Product Review: Schick Hydro Silk Razor

  1. Sounds like you would be a perfect candidate for IPL – surely you could get someone to sponsor you? He he.

    My hair is fair, and my skin is fair, but I have a lot of hair… I have to guiltily say I don’t bother shaving most of the time. I’ve never tried waxing, but I imagine it would not going down well with the rest of my sensitive skin.

    I’d love to try this product, not shaving off skin from the various bumps I have sounds great!

    • I’ve only used this razor once so far, and I’m impressed! I was a little jolted by the feel of the handle compared to the no-name brand razors I usually use, but I felt it gave me a really good grip.

      I was a lot less cautious than usual when nipping around shaving my legs, but only got one cut (and that was on my knobbly knees). I was impressed by this, because usually I’ll get a couple of nicks anyway no matter how careful I am.

      I wouldn’t say anything in particular about the closeness of the shave, as my legs felt the same level of stubbly the morning after shaving.

      I liked the moisturising strips, because it seemed like I needed to go over the same area less times than usual. The weird goo that came off was a little off-putting at first, but I got used to it quickly.

      I love that it came with a hanger for the shower, it will likely save it from going rusty. The hairs also easily washed out of the blades which was an improvement over a no-name brand.

      I’m unlikely to purchase this at full-price any time soon, but I would certainly be thinking about getting the re-fills if they were on sale. At the rate that I shave, this one could last me a couple of weeks (if it doesn’t rust) and I will think about re-fils then.

  2. I’m definitely interested, as I’m a lazy shaver at best, and have a forest to get rid of before spring.

    • As I said in my initial post, I’m a lazy shaver, maybe once a fortnight for my armpits and once a month for my legs in winter. Since receiving the new Schick razor, I’ve used it about every second or third day, which is a massive increase for me! My first impression on use was that I really like the handle of this razor. It fits comfortably in my hand, no matter which way I’m contorting myself. This makes shaving much easier and less of a chore. Usually, I shave with a little bit of conditioner to help my cruddy disposable no-name razor along, but with the Schick I just used warm water from the shower, no additional gel/foam needed. The razor gives a good clean shave and I haven’t nicked myself once. That could just be because it’s a fresh blade, but I like to think the shape of the head works better than my standard ones.

      I like the rows of moisturising blobs on the top and bottom of the blades, but I don’t think they make much of a difference outside of the shower, so I still moisturise my legs when I get out. The blobs at the bottom of the blades seem to put out less slimy goo than the ones at the top, so the first strip of blobs (at the bottom) provides lubrication for a smooth shave, while the second set (at the top) leave the moisture goo after the razor passes. Maybe if I shaved out of the shower and didn’t rinse my legs, this moisture would be left behind, but seeing as that would require more effort than shaving in the shower, I’m not going to do it!

      The only down side of not needing to use some sort of gel/foam for shaving is that I can’t tell where I’ve done and where I haven’t – although this is not a fault of the razor!

      The hook thing is very handy and has stayed stuck on the wall since I put it up, which surprised me. Normally those sorts of things fall off after a day.

      I would usually cringe at the idea of spending $15 on a razor and then $20 on refill blades, but this makes shaving a much more pleasant experience for me. I’d prefer to buy refills on special, but I figure $5 a month or so for refills for a razor that feels good in my hand is not such a bad deal.

  3. Been looking to replace my tired old Schick Quattro For Women Trimstyle Razor & Bikini Trimmer…. so I am interested, duh! 😉

  4. Sabine on August 10, 2012 at 6:16 pm said:

    Ah, yes – the pitfalls of paleness and dark hair: I’m the same, I shave my legs as I don’t fancy waiting to turn into a yeti before doing something about it. All in all, it’s not that bad: it’s super quick and as long as I moisturise properly after and exfoliate often I don’t get ingrowns. The best thing I’ve found to shave with is castor oil, but it makes the bath very slippery so I stick to conditioner as well 😉

    • I shave my legs regularly no matter the time of year – I probably average twice a week in winter. What can I say, I’m vain that way 😉

      I normally shave with a disposable cheapy razor, which isn’t especially pleasant to use – it’s got 2 blades, they seem to go blunt quickly and make shaving more fiddly than it needs to be, I’m prone to getting ingrowns unless I’m careful to exfoliate regularly. And my legs can never get enough moisturiser afterwards… but somehow none of this never bothered me enough to look for a better (and more expensive) alternative, because I never bought the idea that something could be stupendously better.

      After trying the Schick Hydro Silk razor, I’m happy to eat my words and say my legs and I are much happier. First off, the Hydro Silk has over twice the number of blades my previous razor has: I only needed one pass over an area to get it neat and hair-free (even the stubbly short little ones). The razor head tilts and springs back into place very easily and smoothly, so I didn’t have to use any pressure to go over my legs’ changing bumps and curves – and I didn’t cut myself once. The blades are set at a much more acute angle than my previous razor, and I actually noticed an improvement regrowth-wise: it took me 2 days to get the same regrowth I would normally get in just 1. I decided to put the moisturising strips to the test, so I didn’t use anything on my legs before shaving: I ran the razor under water and went for it. The gel-like substance the strips gave off was absolutely enough – that’s a nice trick to know in case you find yourself in dire need of shaving your legs, with no soap or shaving cream to be found. I needed moisturiser afterwards, but I didn’t get that ‘pulling skin’ feeling I normally get after shaving.

      One thing I wouldn’t recommend is to do the same with your arm pits: I found the gel substance wasn’t enough and it burnt. Nothing popping a little aloe vera gel on couldn’t solve though, and I didn’t get the usual irritated red patches under my arms afterwards (those my old razor lovingly leaves there for a few days).

      All in all, the Hydro Silk is a definite improvement on what I’ve gotten used to shaving with – I found it quicker to use and it gave a better result. The only thing it left me wanting for was knowing the ingredients of the gel the little strips produce, because I’m particular about what I put on my skin and it is nowhere to be found on the packet – but that’s just me. Overall, thumbs way up 🙂

      Thanks Jessica for having me on the trial team! xxx

  5. Paulette on August 10, 2012 at 6:25 pm said:

    Would love to go into the draw. Ready for a good razor.

  6. Paulette on August 26, 2012 at 1:32 pm said:

    I was one of the lucky ones to trial the Schick razor. Having used the budget store ones mainly I was really looking forward to trialling a more upmarket brand.

    Overall, I am quite impressed. I really liked the angle that the shaver shaves at. It seems to be more flatter than any other shaver I have used and I think this gives it an advantage of a closer shave (for a disposable). I don’t really know that this gives a better shave (still had regrowth the next day) but I do like the way it glides along the skin – no cuts! The fact that it comes with a rubber suction holder for the wall is brilliant as I don’t have much shower space so I tend to leave my shavers lying on my soap. Now this is hanging out of the way and looks nice hanging, lovely shade of clear blue.

    One comment would be that the moisturising stripes aren’t as moisturisring as I would have liked and I think they should be wider to give a more luxurouris shave.

    I would buy this shaver once this one wears out but only when on sale.

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