Beauty Haul: LUSH, Burt’s Bees & Jo Malone

A couple of weekends ago I spent Sunday in the city with my mum and grandmother. We visited the art gallery, had some lunch and did a bit of shopping. I’d written out a little list of things that I wanted to check out and possibly buy and I picked up everything I’d initially wanted (and a little bit more). I really wanted to visit the LUSH store, because there are only two stores in Perth, and it’s a massive trek for me to get to the Garden City store so I rarely make the effort to go (nb: while writing this post I double checked the locations in Perth only to discover that they’re opening a LUSH store at my favourite shopping centre – happy days!).

I picked up the Big Shampoo (to replace my Fekkai Apple Cider Rinse Clarifying Shampoo), the Sympathy For The Skin body lotion (this is a really beautiful product, I’m glad I picked it up) and the Catastrophe Cosmetic fase masque.

I stopped by the Burt’s Bees counter at David Jones because I’ve been looking for a very neutral, milky smelling body wash and I remember really liking their shea and milk range. So I picked that up along with a body scrub (which smells amazing by the way).

Finally I stopped off at the Jo Malone counter at David Jones because I really wanted to smell the Nectarine Blossom & Honey perfume to see if it was something I would be interested in buying for Spring/Summer this year. Clearly it was because I purchased it alongside the English Pear & Freesia fragrance (which is now a bit of a regret for me, florals just don’t seem to like my skin chemistry).

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  1. Hi there. I was wondering if you have tried any of the other Burt Bee’s scrubs, particularly the facial ones. I’ve seen some good reviews for the Citrus Facial Scrub but i can’t seem to find it available in Australia or New Zealand (I’m in NZ)? Have you seen it anywhere or could you suggest anything soft enough I could use everyday? Thanks in advance. Love your blog by the way 🙂

  2. Jo Malone, be still my beating heart. I was given a sample of the orange and something fragrance at a Primped event years ago and am still savouring it! This Christmas, it’s shooting to the top of my wishlist for Santa. Can’t wait to see your Lush reviews.

  3. I wanted to love Sympathy for the Skin; maybe I can find a dupe online. I wanted it to be stronger!

    • Maybe try the AlchemicMuse Chiquita range? They smell a lot stronger than the LUSH, though I can never be sure if people will like the same kind of scent range as me!

  4. Everything you got smells so good! I looove Lush! I frequent Garden City so it’s hard not to want to buy everything! Once I finish my P50P I will probably pick up the Sympathy for the Skin and I also love the sound of that Burts Bees body wash!

    • I am so excited that they’re opening a store at Karrinyup! Despite working in the city I can never be bothered to trek to the shopping district, so I never really go to LUSH now. I guess that’s a good thing!

  5. We don’t have a Jo Malone here in Argentina, so when I stepped into one while I was in the US I went straight to the English Pear & Freesia fragrance (because I’ve seen you post about it). I tested it on my inner wrist, and I spent most of the rest of the day with my wrist attached to my nose, I couldn’t stop smelling it. I totally understand what you mean with some fragrances not working on your skin because I didn’t think much of this one when I first put it on, but then it sort of transformed into something I loved.

  6. Katherine on October 14, 2012 at 6:07 pm said:

    Oh I love love love Nectarine Blossom and Honey! And English Pear & Freesia sounds heavenly too – I wish I lived near a Jo Malone counter!

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