August Lust Have It / July Lust Have It Review

Well, this is it guys. This is the month that I finally gave up and unsubscribed from Lust Have It. It was the combination of a few things that contributed to my decision, but I have to admit I was expecting a little bit more from the ‘birthday month box’ than what arrived on my doorstep. Included in the August box were: tanGo Tanning Glove $29.95, Bed Head Glaze Haze Smoothing Serum $25.95 for 50ml, Shiseido Lipstick $43.00 for 4.5g, Marc Jacobs DOT Fragrance $160 for 100ml, Wet n Wild Nail Polish $14.95 and Pure Fiji Orange Blossom Exotic Bath & Body Oil $34.95 for 236ml. As for my review of the July box, well I didn’t bother using any of the products… I guess that says it all? So long, Lust Have It!

10 Thoughts on “August Lust Have It / July Lust Have It Review

  1. I would be unsubscribing too, if I hadn’t paid for a 12 month subscription through Ozsale earlier in the year. It’s just disappointment after disappointment.

  2. Your nail colour looks quite nice – mine was a ‘nail hardener’ which I don’t need so I ended up giving it away. I thought the tanning glove was a bit ridiculous – especially at that price! I wish I’d gotten a sample of Dot. But apart from that I was pretty happy with what was in my box – lots of moisturisers.

    • I was pretty pleased with my nail colour because I feel like I’ll actually get some use out of it… Dot is nice, but nothing special to be honest. The tanning cloth is just stupid, lol.

  3. This was my exact reaction! SO disappointed with this box – and sadly it was the last straw for me. My box was pretty much identical to yours – and my Shiseido lipstick was brown (seriously?!) – it really felt like they had just slapped together whatever samples were lying around – when all of us were expecting something special being their birthday month! In a moment of weakness, I made the decision to sign up to Bellabox – but I have to say, if they don’t impress me, I won’t hesitate to pull the pin on them too! Sad that LHI haven’t maintained a quality control to ensure we were receiving decent boxes – I used to think they were great!

    • I wonder how long the last 2 subscriptions boxes standing will last? Not for long if they keep this up, I’ve heard a LOT of people saying they’re cancelling their subscriptions…

  4. JuneNightingale on September 11, 2012 at 9:55 am said:

    Wait, they gave you a tanning cloth but no tanning lotion? Not big thinkers’ over there. At least you received a Marc Jacobs perfume! Wet n Wild is still a thing? My inner middle school girl is going Oh Em Geeeee!

  5. I got a different box to you but I still got the cloth and the Dot sample. I would have unsubscribed by now but I got a 6 month subscription so I’ll be getting it until the end of the year. I doubt I will keep going for much longer than that though! I read on their facebook page that you can also use the cloth as a flannel, which i have been doing. It’s good to get some use out of it but im still inimpressed!

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