Product Review: Mai Couture Vitamin C & E Blotting Paper

My skin is prone to oiliness, so I make sure that I always have blotting papers on hand. I learned a little while ago that when it comes to oily skin in hot weather, it’s best to try and embrace the glow rather than combat it with an excess of makeup and powder. I’ve used a variety of blotting sheets from different brands in the past, and the Mai Couture ones really do live up to their luxe name. To start with, the packaging is far more glamorous than any I’ve used in the past – the shiny gold card slip cover looks far more appealing than the beaten up cardboard envelopes that I’m used to. The Mai Couture blotting paper come in three different varieties, Blot and Bronze, Rejuvenate Oil Blotting Paper and Vitamin C & E Blotting Paper. “Mai Couture’s Vitamin C & E Oil Blotting Paper revitalizes dull skin and removes excess oils without drying out your skin. The ultra-absorbent paper with sheer powder removes excess oil without disturbing your makeup while leaving skin feeling fresh and revitalized to retain essential moisture.” Each pack comes with 100 sheets, and the paper is talc and paraben free. I’ve enjoyed using these and having tried so many brands in the past I can really tell when the quality is good and these are the best I’ve ever used. They absorb oil quickly without removing any of my makeup, and the paper is very soft gentle against my skin. If you’re willing to invest a little bit more money on something that you use every day, I would suggest checking these out. The Mai Couture Vitamin C & E Blotting Paper retails for $20 AUD and is available for purchase from Bathing Beauty. (note: product provided for consideration for review)

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  1. These look really good 🙂 blotting papers always seem to remove more of my makeup than I like. Am I doing it wrong?

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