Product Review: evo Love Touch Shine Spray

One particular hair product that I try to always have on hand is a good quality shine spray. It’s the one styling product that I use every day because I feel like it really finishes off any style and gives my hair a more polished look. I’ve been using the evo Love Touch Shine Spray since I received it for review a few months ago and it’s now up there with my favourite shine sprays of all time. First things first, this product smells like watermelon and it’s a real treat to use in the mornings because it smells absolutely incredible. If you’re not a fan of melon scented things I wouldn’t worry too much because the smell doesn’t linger on the hair. I find that most shine sprays tend to weigh down my fine hair if I apply them directly, so the way I tend to use them is to spray 1-2 sprays into the palm of my hand, rub my hands together and then distribute the product evenly throughout my hair. Even though I’ve been applying this spray in this same manner, I’ve noticed that it seems to be more lightweight than any of the sprays I’ve tried in the past, which could make it better suited to those of you like me with fine hair. The evo Love Touch Shine Spray retails for $26.95 AUD and is available for purchase online from Adore Beauty. (note: product was sent for consideration for review)