Thoughts of the week…

Every night for the past few weeks I’ve had to listen to a frog croaking in the garden somewhere, and it got to the point where I had to give it a name otherwise I was going to start hating it. Anyhoo, today while I was pottering around outside I met Trevor.

Hi Trevor!

01) Can Taylor Swift just release her new album already? All of the singles she has released in the build up to the album have all been immense earworms and one of her latest songs has been stuck in my head for days (trouble, trouble, trouble).

02) Speaking of the Swizz, I’ve been wearing her Wonderstruck perfume all week and I’m actually really liking it. It starts off being sickly sweet but on my skin it dries down into a really subtle sweet fruity scent that I love.

03) I am in dire need of a good whitening product for nails. Any and all suggestions are welcome!

04) The Walking Dead finally started up again and Daryl Dixon was all up on my TV screen being his awesome zombie killing redneck self. Hi Daryl!

05) One of my best friends announced the date for her engagement party, which means it’s time to find a dress to wear. I’m currently considering this one from ModCloth.

06) Have you ever had a fragrance take you back to a memory or a time in your life? The Haus of Gloi Honey Tree pumpkin body did that to me during the week. It smells very faintly of an incense type of smell that I associate with a period of time in my life. It was weird but also kind of nice.

07) I wore two of my cheapo Diva necklaces to work this week and received a lot of compliments on them. I even had a few people mistake this one for the far more expensive Mimco version. I consider this a major success.

08) Suzanne from Hog Sandwich introduced me to my new favourite obsession last night – That’s A Good Ass Dog. Prepare to waste countless hours of your life laughing at the stupid and amazing things dogs do.

09) Speaking of Tumblr, I signed up again.

10) I’ve been listening to Mumford & Sons latest album Babel at work during the week, and I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s another one of those albums that you have to listen to in headphones a few times from start to finish to really discover the beauty of it. I’m also starting to see that in the world of Mumford & Sons, lyrics are king. My favourites this week are: The Boxer (cover), Not With Haste & Broken Crown.

I feel like something is missing from this week… Oh yeah.