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I went out last weekend with a big group of my friends and had a great time. I don’t often go out clubbing because I usually find the meat-market mindset beyond awful, but the place that we went to plays really awesome old school and current hip hop music so I was swayed enough to go. Plus it was a birthday celebration for two of my best friends’ so of course I was going to be there. Nothing starts a night out better than a whiskey sour.

01) It doesn’t matter how old I get, put a few drinks in me and get me into a club that plays Busta Rhymes ‘Break Ya Neck’ and I will outdance everybody there.

02) Taylor Swift’s album ‘Red’ was finally released, and I’ve had the acoustic version of State of Grace and her duet with Ed Sheeran (Everything Has Changed) on repeat all week. Related: Taylor Swift doesn’t seem to know what a feminist is, which is disappointing.

03) I’m finally up to date with Breaking Bad and can I just say O-M-G. This is an outstanding show, and part of me is glad that I was so late to the party with watching it, as I managed to watch four and a half seasons in a few months rather than having to wait years for new episodes to come out. And now I’ll get to enjoy the final few episodes of the show alongside other fans, which will be stressful and intense and amazing.

04) I am back on track with my budget and meticulously writing down every single thing I spend my money on. It really helps me cut back on the excess money I seem to have no trouble spending.

05) I need some easy no-fuss recipes to work into my weekly menu list. Currently I have about 10 recipes that I rotate between depending on what I’m in the mood for but I think it’s time for a bit more variety. If you have any healthy (but reasonably easy) recipe suggestions please feel free to leave them in the comments below.


07) I’ve started my running training, and I’m feeling motivated and excited about it again. Sometimes it just takes one little thing to kick start me into gear, and it finally happened for me yesterday. Just in time for summer I guess!

08) This quote really resonated with me this week, so I thought I would share it with you all –

09) I’m going to spend quite a bit of time tomorrow looking through my pre-start home file and picking out fixtures and fittings for my new place. Expect a ‘to build a home’ post sometime soon!

10) I haven’t seen or heard from Trevor all week. I hope he’s alright.


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    I am gearing up to get hooked on my favourite spring/summer side salad again – just got the fixin’s at the market this morning and at this time of the year I eat it at least 3 times a week. It’s not even a recipe, just assembling:

    Top and tail fresh stringless green beans, and chop the bottoms off asparagus. Blanche for a minute in a big pot of fast boiling water, then scoop out and plunge into a big bowl of iced water. Drain well, spread out in a shallow dish, drizzle over some really good olive oil and freshly ground black pepper and sea salt or that schmancy pink salt. Super easy, super healthy, and so freakin’ easy I can’t even. If you want to get decorative you could add some chopped walnuts or crumbled feta, but I don’t bother The beauty of it is in the simplicity.

    • Oh that sounds AMAZING. I often just chuck a big bunch of asparagus in oven with a bit of olive oil & salt and pepper and eat it like that, but your way sounds like it might be nicer for hot summer nights! Thanking youuu

  2. Totally love BB. Hilarious and chilling at the same time!

  3. What are your current ones on rotation and I will send you some ideas! xx


  4. Oh I love Breaking Bad. It’s such a great show, the writers are so good at making your emotions towards each character conflicted.
    Bit disappointing about Taylor Swift and the whole feminism issue. It drives me crazy when people say “oh I don’t think about it”, “I was raised that if I work hard I can do anything I want”. It just makes the fight for equality that much harder because people don’t get it!!

    • I know, right? She clearly hasn’t thought about WHY she lives in a world where she’s even given the option to think like that. Sad, but it’s common.

  5. I did the same thing as you and watched BB over the last few months and it is just amazing to watch it like that to see the clever ways in which they reference past seasons that you might miss if you’d waited a year to see the next season.

  6. Summer pasta salad thing recipe

    250g rissoni (rice shaped pasta, generally in the organic section of woollies) – cook as with normal pasta until done to your liking, then drain, rinse under cold water and drain again
    splosh olive oil
    lemon juice from a squeezy bottle or a whole lemon if you have them
    couple of tablespoons mint leaves, chopped
    200g feta, chopped up
    3 or 4 tomatoes, diced
    freshly ground pepper to season

    Mix all bits together, add more lemon juice if needed. Great to eat straight away as a cool dish or after chilling in the fridge.

  7. My new favourite dish (I’m trying to inspire myself to actually cook – instead of just cracking open a tin of tuna and eating frozen veggies as I’m prone to doing!) – and also freaking loving quinoa at the moment so I’ve been hunting around for awesome quinoa recipes – and this one is seriously awesome! And the dressing just makes it absolute perfection:

  8. Jess I’d love to see some posts on your favourite recipes. Also more about budgeting and running. I need to be inspired!
    I also think I need to finally get into breaking bad. I started watching Supernatural first but I’ve watched the first season and haven’t had a chance to continue watching!
    P.S. Did you go to the mint???

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