Life In Balance: Project #1

There are various elements of my life that I feel like I need to work on, and when it comes to setting goals for myself nothing works better than putting things into a ‘project’ format. I’ve decided to start a series of posts which will be about me tackling these various elements of my life one project at a time. I would love it if people jumped on board with these weekly posts, feel free to work alongside me on the projects that I post about, or start your own! Also, as I’ve mentioned previously, I am in the initial stages of building a house so eventually these projects will be setting-up-a-new-home focused.

I decided that my first project be about something that some of you can probably related to; the desire to reduce the amount of beauty products that I own, and the need to put some bathroom organisational systems into place. I own a ridiculous amount of beauty products and I’m close to being someone that could be featured on an episode of Hoarders. The thing is though,, I hate clutter and I really dislike owning an excess of things. Life for me is far more peaceful when it’s uncluttered and structured, and yet I’ve managed to get myself to this point:

Yep, I should probably do something about that.

Now, in the name of being honest I have to admit that around 75% of the products that I own were sent to me for consideration for review. Regardless of how I came to own this gargantuan amount of beauty products, it’s my problem now and I am determined to make the most of it. Ideally I would like to have a small amount of products that I know and love, and that I can replace when necessary. In order to do that I am going to have to take an honest look at what I own, and figure out a way to whittle my collection down to a reasonable amount.

I already have my Project 100 Pan in place, but I am considering extending that indefinitely until I work through my whole collection. This would probably take years. Other steps I am planning on taking are: cleaning out bathroom cupboards / taking stock and keeping written reference of what I own / donating any product that I know I simply will not use / putting systems into place regarding storage of products and product rotation. If you have any tips and tricks for me on keeping track of products, or bathroom organisation I’d love to hear them. Also, if you’re planning on joining in any of these projects please let me know so I can make sure I’m following your blog!

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  1. I’m so excited to see what you come up with Jess! I am feeling the same at the moment, quite overwhelmed by the amount of stuff I have (although mine was purchased by me… oops). I’m slowly slowly working my way through it!

  2. I feel your pain. I recently went through a project pan of all my shower and bath products. It feels so good to have so much less in the bathroom cupboard!!! x

  3. It’s funny – maybe it’s something in the stars this year – but it feels like everyone is feeling a bit the same way! I hate clutter too, but I’m also one of these people who stresses out if she doesn’t have a least one back up in each category – but of course it’s a fine line between having back ups and having exploding bathroom cupboards…

    I’m also a bit of a compulsive list maker – and I’ve found making a list of all of my products (done on work time of course!) helps to keep me accountable and aware of how much I already own. I also have another list of all the stuff I’m currently using up – so I get the satisfaction of moving items into the “November Empties” section as I use them. Even though I don’t actually have a blog to then go and post about them (which I kinda wish I did, just to feel more satisfied about the whole experience!), but the Adore forum suffices me, just to list a little achievement each month seems to help!

  4. GlossQueen on November 13, 2012 at 11:45 am said:

    I’m planning on doing something like this once P100P is over. I’m not exactly sure how I’ll do it, but it needs to be done.

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