Life In Balance: Project #3 – Wardrobe (update)

I didn’t intend to be moving on with this project so soon, but after watching the Christmas episode of New Girl I became obsessed with the idea of wearing a sparkly belt to holiday events (like Jess). I finally found one at J Crew and ordered it in both gold and silver. Apparently a few people had the same idea as me, because both colours are now sold out. I wore the gold version on Christmas Eve and I plan on wearing the silver on New Years Eve.

J Crew Glitter Round-Buckle Skinny Belt Forever 21 Classic Skinnies

Forever 21 Essential Purl Knit Sweater Forever 21 Ponte Knit Jacket

I also stumbled across the Forever 21 Ponte Knit Jacket in hunter green and it was too cute to resist, so I took the opportunity to also order my favourite jeans and a navy sweater to make up for the shipping cost. Of course I won’t be wearing the jacket or sweater any time soon, but it’ll be nice to have a few new things to wear as the seasons change in March. As it stands, my wardrobe shopping tally for 2013 now looks like this –

2x Black Pencil Skirts
1x Black Pants
1x Black Cropped Pants
1x Dark Denim Skinny Leg Jeans (1 pair purchased)
4x Blouses
2x Black Tee
2x Black Tank/Singlet
4x Cardigans
1x Black, Grey or Navy Sweaters (1 sweater purchased)
1x Blazer
1x Black Fitted Coat (to replace H&M trench)
1x Maxi Dress
2x Casual Dresses
2x Black or Jewel Toned ‘Evening’ Dresses
1x Country Road Opaque Tights
1x Scarf
1x Sunglasses
(as required) Country Road Black Leather Ballet Flats
1x Flat Sandals
1x Ballet Flats
1x Round Toe Wedges
1x Peep Toe Wedges
1x Skinny Leather Belt
1x Oversized Handbag
1x Clutch Bag
1x Cross Body Bags
2x Necklaces
2x Earrings
1x Rings
1x Bracelets

I don’t have plans to buy anything else in the next month or so, but we’ll have to wait and see if anything catches my eye in the end of year sales…

4 Thoughts on “Life In Balance: Project #3 – Wardrobe (update)

  1. I’m going to steal this list to build my wardrobe!

  2. Which are your favourite jeans? I’ve never tried any denim from Forever 21, are they good?

    • I’ve been buying the Forever 21 skinnies for a couple of years now. Quality is pretty poor, but when I pay $10 per pair I’m happy to wear them to death and then replace them!

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