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One of my favourite ways to gain inspiration for various projects (and to enable myself to buy stuff I really don’t need) is to watch YouTube. When I’m not randomly trawling through videos for something to watch I have a few channel subscriptions that I’m loyal to and watch frequently.

My Housewife Life – I love Jen. Watching her vlogs is one of my guilty pleasure past times. She’s a lot of fun and doesn’t take herself too seriously.

Organized Like Jen – I believe this was Jen’s original channel, and it’s all about her organisation processes – how she’s set up her filofax, how she organises her house etc. Great if you’re needing some motivation to get your life in order.

Michele1218 – You may have seen me mention Michele a few times on the blog, as she is my #1 source of youtube enablement when it comes to jewelry, clothing and beauty products.

Kimberley – A fellow Australian beauty blogger, Kim’s dog Luca makes an appearance in nearly all of her videos and never fails to make me laugh.

Lillian Masie – This girl seems like one of the sweetest human beings on the planet. Her face is basically perfect, so she could slap any ol’ makeup on it and still look fantastic but she opts for drug store brands which makes her seem very approachable.

4 Thoughts on “Top 5 YouTube Channels

  1. Michelle 1218 is my absolute favourite too. I watch her so much my husband even knows her, although he just calls her the girl in the closet. I can’t wait to check out some of your other youtube recomendations.

  2. For a second there, I saw my name and I was like wait! I don’t have a dog… lol oh 🙁

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