Skin Care Haul: Kate Somerville

Note to self: Things to add to list of stuff I’m not particular good at – Abstaining From Purchasing Deluxe Skin Care. I realize that I am on a Project 100 Pan at the moment but these products were just calling my name. We’ll blame this impulse purchase on Lauren Conrad.

4 Thoughts on “Skin Care Haul: Kate Somerville

  1. Interested to read your opinion on her stuff! I was so excited when MECCA started selling it because Lauren Conrad has used her stuff for years lol but I’ve mostly only been a fan of the exfoliKate

    • I’m really loving most of it so far… Having said that, the exfolikate (the gentle version) is actually bringing up a lot of redness in my skin unfortunately.

  2. Oh I’ve never tried anything from Kate Somerville, I’m keen to hear what you think!

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