Project 100 Pan (part 7)

27: Bath + Body Works Fresh Picked Raspberries Anti-Bac Hand Soap – The foaming hand soaps from Bath and Body Works are my favourite, but they’re a bit of a pain to have shipped here from the US so I might have to start searching for an alternative soon. This was one of the nicest scents from the range that I’ve tried so far.

28: Korres Milk Protein Cleansing Face Wipes – I didn’t like these wipes at all. They seemed to irritate my skin quite a bit, and my face stayed red for about hour each time I used one. I’ll be sticking to my Nivea fragrance free wipes from now on.

29: Face of Australia Loose Powder in Outback Translucent – This is my favourite inexpensive loose powder, but I had to emergency-buy a Maybelline powder one day on my way to work so I’ll be trying to finish that up before repurchasing this one. I think this is the second full size Face of Australia loose powder that I’ve used up, which feels like a bit of an achievement.

30: Bali Soap in Passion Fruit – I don’t know why I thought it was a good idea to buy soap while in Bali but I did. I bought 4 or 5 of these bars in different scents and I’m forcing myself to use them up. Nothing special.

31: L’Oreal Preference Conditioner – Another token freebie-with-hair dye conditioner.

Thoughts of the week…

It’s been a long week (my first full week at work since the beginning of the holiday season) and I’m now thoroughly enjoying the cooler weather and a slow-paced weekend. My sister and family have moved back from Sydney and are staying with us at the moment so there is a lot of this going on.

01) Justin Timberlake released his new song this week and I’m sad to say that I’m not that impressed with it. (note: after listening to the song on repeat while drafting this post it’s started to grow on me…)

02) The Office is filling the gap that the lack of new Parks & Recreation episodes has left in my life. I think it’s safe to say that Jim Halpert is the dream co-worker of every girl working in an office.

03) Following on from my suggestion of the Macro spicy lentil and tempeh balls from last week, I can now also highly recommend the chickpea burger patties. Super delicious.

04) Gone Girl is a pretty good read – get on it.

05) I’m currently trying out the Kevin Murphy Powder.Puff for review, and although it’s early days I think this could become one of my favourite hair products.

06) If you don’t already love Adele (are you a mutant?) you’re bound to find her adorable after watching her Golden Globes acceptance speech. Tay Swiz’s jealous(?) side-eye during the speech soured my view of her a little bit. Perhaps she was in a grump because of the destruction of her Harry Styles romance?

07) I’m definitely gonna need the Rag & Bone Kinsey boots in my life before the cold weather kicks in.

08) I didn’t realise that Ed Sheeran was touring Australia this year and therefore missed out on buying tickets. Gutted.

09) Tina & Amy are two of my heroes. (Thanks to Nat for this link!)

10) James McAvoy.

50 Book Challenge Giveaway Winners

Thank you to everyone who took the time to enter the 50 Book Challenge giveaway, it was very interesting for me to see which of the books I chose as favourites for 2012 were the most popular entry options. The winners are:

A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled HosseiniAbhi
Consider The Lobster by David Foster WallaceKimberly
The Secret History by Donna TarttRose
The Beach by Alex GarlandGlenda Booth
The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret AtwoodHolly

Congratulations to you all, I will be contacting you soon for your details.

To Build A Home: Interior Design Inspiration

I’ve become obsessed with browsing pictures of interior design on Pinterest. It’s an inexpensive and inoffensive vice, so I’m happy to continue with it until my eyes turn square. I’ve started my own ‘Interior Design’ board on Pinterest where I pin all of the cream interiored, lush decor pictures that I stumble across. Here are some of my favourites, and some pictures that will no doubt influence how I’ll be decorating my new place –

If you would like to see more interior design inspiration or just general pictures of stuff that I like, head on over to my Pinterest profile and take a look.

My Dream Life Love List

What is a dream life love list? Marthe explains it all in her post over at The Freedom Experiment, which is where I found the inspiration to write my own. I love the idea of writing down the things you truly enjoy doing, and the things you want to start introducing into your life. I mentioned the dream life love list idea on twitter recently and a few people requested a sneak peek at my own, so here are a few of the things I wrote down for 2013 –

I take care of things before they become a problem.

I go to the movies with friends every week or so.

I see a WA Symphony Orchestra show at least once every season.

I run three times a week.

I practice pilates or yoga once a week.

I read every day and choose the quality of books over quantity.

I listen to classical music on Mondays.

My drink of choice is (great)scotch with fresh lime.

What would be on your Dream Life Love List?