Life In Balance: Project #2 – Budget (update)

Spreadsheets! As it turns out, spreadsheets are one of the easiest ways to maintain a budget. Who knew? Most people. Anyway, I sat down and drafted myself up a nice little budget only to discover that my end of year dollar total ended up being in the negatives. I promptly passed the task on to my dad, who not only brought me back into a positive dollar amount but turned my sad little spreadsheet into an easy-to-use thing of beauty.

Some general thoughts on my budget for this year –

* I refuse to cut my morning coffee out of my budget, which equates to $1300 a year. I may have to rethink this decision.

* I’ve given myself an allowance of $25 a fortnight for beauty products. This will most likely be saved and spent on necessary replacements (foundation, skin care, etc) when needed.

* My general ‘entertainment’ budget is a LOT lower than the amount I’m spending at the moment so it’ll be quite an adjustment for me. I’ll have to see how I go. Any fun and free entertainment ideas are more than welcome!

I’m feeling a lot better about my budget in general now that I have this structure behind it. Props to my dad for taking the time to help me make the spreadsheet and because it’s been so useful to me I figured I might as well share it. If you’d like me to email you a blank copy of my annual budget spreadsheet just drop me a line and let me know!

17 Thoughts on “Life In Balance: Project #2 – Budget (update)

  1. Good for you for budgeting! Coffee is super $$$, can you make it at your place?

    • I could because we have a coffee machine at home, but I would have to drink it in the car OR it would get cold during my 40 minute drive/train/walk transit to work which just doesn’t work for me!

  2. It’s always shocking when you actually add up how much you spend on a coffee here and there. And beauty…that can be depressing. I applaud you for taking control of your finances.

  3. I would love a copy of your nifty budget! With the spending I’ve been doing lately, I sure need one. Dad’s are so handy with technology sometimes aren’t they?

  4. Dads are great like that. I’m a bit scared to do my budget… it can be so sporadic. Some weeks I spend nearly nothing (bar food/rent etc) but other weeks I splurge like I just won the lotto. Sigh. Safe to bet I’ll never be a millionaire, but a general tidy up of my budget wouldn’t be a bad idea!

  5. Can you come and organise my life? I need it!

  6. Would love a copy of your budget spreadsheet!! We’ve been having so many issues with money lately due to unexpectedly large bills 🙁 Any help and organisation we could get is good!

  7. This is a month I’m devoting to making better food choices, and I’ll have help, so that in turn will turn to better money choices, and so.. hopefully a budget will follow.. Good work, J 🙂

  8. I kind of failed at tracking everything I spend money on – so many apps don’t make any sense! Do you use any apps or just the spreadsheet? It sounds awesome, a copy would be fantastic ^^; thanks in advance. My partner seems to have the sensible head when it comes to money whereas I go ***ooooh shiny, must have, want!***

    • For the few months that I was tracking everything I was spending money on I just kept a word document on my work computer that I would update every day or so! I’ll be sending you through a copy of the spreadsheet today x

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