Thoughts of the week…

01) Let’s start this week with a little something to ponder…

02) Movie 43 is quite possibly the worst movie I’ve seen in my entire life. How they managed to score some of the A list names in the cast is beyond me.

03) Daryl is back on my screen!

04) Did you know that Barack Obama’s director of speech writing is only 3 years older than me? Sometimes I feel like I’m achieving too much in life and I might need to slow down a bit.

05) The arm of my tortoiseshell Ray Ban Wayfarers has broken off and I kind of want to replace them with the Emma style. But then again, summer is coming to an end and I don’t wear sunglasses as much in the cooler months of the year. Dilemma.

06) Thanks to everyone who emailed me after my budget post earlier this week. You’ll be happy to know that my dad is working on an additional spreadsheet that helps keep a track of how much money per allocated category you have sitting in your savings account. Exciting nerd times ahead.

07) Southland is back on my screen!

08) After some last-minute stress and running around over paperwork that hadn’t been sent out to me, my settlement date was confirmed: February 26th. Then the next stage begins: building!

09) I ran out of my evo Love Touch shine spray during the week and have started using the Clairol Sparkle Shine Spray, which is possibly the most lightweight shine spray I’ve ever tried. Great news for my fellow fine haired gals.

10) Maymo! If you own a beagle you will understand this 100%.

10 Thoughts on “Thoughts of the week…

  1. Get the sunnies. At my last eye checkup I scored the most thorough optometrist I’ve ever had and he said I had some sun damage on my eyes. I don’t spend that much time in the sun at all and wear sunnies year round so it was kind of scary to hear!

    Besides… they’re Ray Bans and they’re an awesome shape! Do they come polarised…

    I’m able to claim my sunnies as ‘personal protective equipment’ on my tax because I do sporting events and playground duty… are you able to in any way? Check into it if your job requires you to spend time in the sun.

  2. Is THAT Ryan from the OC? Your dad is stellar. Please tell him I said so. Ugh yes all I could think was “hey Hugh, you gonna let your kids watch this one?” yack!

  3. I’m SO curious to watch Movie 43, just because it sounds like its SO bad, its not even good. Or it might make for a good ranty review. I like a good ‘experience of watching the film rather than the film itself’ kind of review.

    DARYL! What’s gonna happen? Glenn is fast becoming my Walking Dead hero..

  4. Haaaa loving the beagle video! Too true my friend…too true…

  5. I don’t like when you tell us facts like that one about Barrack’s speech writer. Plus I kind of like to imagine he writes them himself!

    Also, raise your words, not your voice. Definitely the wisest words I’ve heard in a while!

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