Thoughts of the week…

01) Ben says hello.

02) Monday was a public holiday and I spent most of it at my friend’s house helping her sort out her wardrobe. Typically I now want to gut my closet, clear out everything I own and start over.

03) I finally finished watching Generation Kill this week. What a great show. James Ransone as Corporal Josh Ray Person is a bit of alright.

04) Bloom’s lipstick in the shade Tangerine is perfection. Perfection.

05) Jen is back to doing her vlogs (well, she’s updating with all of her videos from Disneyland) so if you’ve missed her day to day videos while she was on holiday now is a good time to tune back in to her channel.

06) Ed Sheeran and Passenger made my week with this amazingness.

07) If you’re in the market for some new work clothes, Ann Taylor currently have free international shipping on orders over $100.

08) I’m still upset that the Civil Wars cancelled their Australian tour, but this new song will tide me over for now.

09) I cheated on my P100P a little bit and ordered the Fresh lip tint in the new shade ‘petal’. It’s absolutely gorgeous, and thankfully it hasn’t melted in the tube yet… Yet.

10) Life.