Life in Balance: Project #3 – Wardrobe (update)

Buckle up and prepare yourself for a lesson in reasonably extravagant spending. Having been on a strict budget for nearly a year now, I am not accustomed to spending a large amount of money on “things” anymore. I’m happy to drop a few thousand dollars on flooring for the house I’m building, but anything beyond that has become a foreign concept to me. Which is great. Anyway, that all blew out the window in a cloud of hundred dollar bills last week when I decided to buy a new bag. Granted, this was a thought-out decision as I carry a black handbag day in day out and the one I’m currently using was a cheap purchase that has holes in the lining and is getting a bit weary. I’ve had my eye on this bag for a while (as evidenced in this post) so I decided it was time to go ahead and get it.

Then, inexplicably, all sense of common sense and reason left the building for a few days.

OKAY! On top of my new bag (I ordered it in black, which now appears to be sold out), I also ordered a new wallet because the Rebecca Minkoff one I’ve been using for a couple of years now has started to annoy me with how few card slots it has (four!). Yes, I know how unreasonable that is. Anyhoo, I then had the sudden urge to own a Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac bag, so I moseyed on over to Saks and discovered that they were on sale (25% off!), so now I’m practically making money. I ordered one in charcoal grey (now sold out), because for some reason the black bag only comes with yellow gold fittings. Gross. When buying a new clutch one must consider what she’s going to store her cards and cash in within this new bag, right? I didn’t feel like my Mini Mac deserved the old school treatment of me whacking a bobby pin on my stuff to keep it all together, so I decided that this was necessary.

Alright, stay with me here because this is where things start to get a bit blurry. While browsing through the bag section I stumbled across this compact little beauty. Did you know that the more things you buy from Saks the cheaper shipping costs to Australia are? Go figure. I ended up saving around $150 on this order, so I was quite happy about that. I can also justify the additional black clutch due to the fact the black clutch I’ve been using has GOLD hardware. Of course.

Oh, and then I bought some boots.

I only own one pair of knee length boots so I was in the market for some ankle boots for the season. I recently came to the conclusion that ankle boots need to have some sort of detail going on at the front, otherwise they look like they should be worn underneath something. These Rag & Bone babies fit the bill perfectly. I can easily wear them with both dresses and jeans, they’re great quality and the heel isn’t too high or too flimsy. (side note: They are also currently 25% off in the Saks friends & family sale. Run, don’t walk.) Aside from that I ordered a few new things from ASOS, including a new pair of sunglasses because I put my broken wayfarers in a safe while I waited for the chance to take them in and get them fixed and now I can’t find them. Ok, I’m done.

I realize that this is a lot of stuff, but I am happy that I didn’t buy anything that I was 50/50 on whether or not I would actually wear or use. Now I’m going to spend a couple of months building my spending money back up above the minimum total that I like to have in my account at all times. This little spree was fun while it lasted, and I’m really looking forward to my new goodies arriving soon! The spendthrift life is no longer for me.

Thoughts of the week…

01) I’ve been wanting a Rebecca Minkoff Mini-Mac bag after seeing Michele1218 feature it in one of her videos a while back and I finally picked one up (on sale) earlier this week.

02) How good was the final scene of Game of Thrones this week?

03) I really want a pave bangle, something similar to this.

04) Why is it always the case that a day or two after I place an order online every single online store announces an amazing sale? I’m sure a lot of people have benefited from this, so you’re all welcome.

05) I miss Southland already.

06) This was definitely the best thing I saw all week.

07) I bought an iPad during the week and am now completely obsessed with Candy Crush.

08) I also finally bought these boots. Yes, it’s been a big-spend week.

09) New snack obsession.

10) I stumbled across Jeweliq during the week and thought I should pass it on to those who are interested. Each piece is under $25, and they offer flat rate shipping to Australia for $7.95.

Product Review: Burberry Light Glow Blush in Peony Blush

Allow me to introduce you all to the most luxury makeup item I’ve ever purchased. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I ordered this blush on a whim, but boy am I glad that it’s a part of my life. Of course when you buy something from a designer brand you expect it to be good, but seeing as Burberry is relatively new to the beauty-sphere I wasn’t sure what the quality of their products would be like. As it turns out, this is A+++. The packaging is beautiful, the product has a sweet floral scent to it and the staying power of this blush is incredible. The only down side is that the blush is on the powdery side, but as I always set my makeup with a liquid mist this hasn’t been an issue for me. I purchased the Burberry Light Glow Blush in Peony Blush for $53.50 from Strawberrynet (note: this shade is currently out of stock).

The Liebster Award

A big thank you to Dustyn for nominating me for this award. I don’t think I follow enough blogs to nominate a group of bloggers that haven’t already been nominated, so I’ll just be answering the questions for myself like the greedy little rat that I am.

– 11 Random Facts About Me –

01) I love writing lists.
02) My middle name is Lee.
03) I once inhaled toothpaste and nearly choked to death.
04) I love sweet potato but I don’t like pumpkin at all.
05) My coffee of choice is a soy latte with an extra shot.
06) I am an ISFJ.
07) This was the picture that sparked my obsession with style and beauty.
08) I am something of a human shazam. 9 times out of 10 if you play me a song I will know the name of it and most of if not all the lyrics.
09) One time in highschool I was so afraid that I was going to receive a joke award that I stood up to leave early and fell on an international exchange student because my leg had gone to sleep.
10) I have a really hard time part-reading books. Even if I don’t particularly like the book I’m reading I will always make an effort to finish it.
11) My favourite movie of all time is The Blues Brothers.

And now, some questions from Dustyn –

What was your first beauty product you can remember?
I remember being in primary school when my great grandmother took me to David Jones (Aherns at the time) to buy some skin care because she was adamant about how important it is to moisturise your skin. The first product I can remember owning was a Red Earth facial moisturiser that she bought for me and I still remember the smell of it to this day.

If you could choose how the world ends, what would you choose?
Either by zombie apocalypse, because it’s the kind of apocalypse I feel I am most prepared for (due to my obsessing watching of every single zombie film every produced) OR a megashark vs giant squid scenario, just because it would be a hell of a ride.

What is your best organizational tip?
I think it would be to make sure everything has a place and to always put things back in their designated place once you’ve finished using them. I also try to go through and chuck out 10 or so items of clutter once a week. It’s probably a little bit too easy for me to throw things out, but there you have it.

If you were on death row, what would your last meal be?
Probably a whole bucket of KFC chicken and a family sized chips (with gravy) followed by a whole cheesecake so I would be filled with the ultimate food-regret and welcome death with open arms.

Have you ever been on TV?
I was in a friend’s movie, not sure if that counts? Other than that no, but one time I saw this girl who looked exactly like me featured on one of those music video request channels so I’m kind of convinced I have an evil twin out there somewhere.

What animal would you choose as your “totem animal”?
My big fat lazy beagle Ben.

If you could have sex with any superhero, who would you choose and why?
Spiderman because ANDREW GARFIELD.

Can you fake any accents?
Not very well, no.

What is the first thing you can remember of me?
I remember thinking how cool your name is.

Choose one sense and one sense only. That’s it for the rest of your life.
I have to be practical here and say sight.

Rollercoasters, yay or nay?
Most definitely YAY.

Thoughts of the week…

01) My latest TV show obsession is The Mindy Project. I wasn’t sure if I would like it because I didn’t love Mindy’s character on The Office but I like her as a person and admire her business savvy so I gave it a go and I am OBSESSED. I literally watched the entire first season (well, what has screened so far) in a week. So there you go.

02) Iwan Rheon in Game of Thrones is the next best thing since sliced bread.

03) Southland is over. For good? Who knows. Regardless, I’m devastated.

04) I’m tempted to buy a full size version of the Pure Fiji coconut body lotion. I need another body lotion like I need a third elbow, so please talk me out of it.

05) Did I mention Iwan Rheon?

06) I need some new boots. I dug around in my closet and found some boots I’d forgotten existed but still nothing that suits the style that I’m after. I regret not buying the Rag & Bone Kinsey boots on sale when I had the chance.

07) I did incredibly poorly in the GSC challenge this week. ONWARDS AND UPWARDS.

08) My tumblr is up and running again, so if you’re a fan of the random gifs I feature in these weekly posts you’re going to love the crap I post over there.

09) I finally started working on my new site, The Beauty Cupboard, it’s a work in progress but if you’d like to watch it as it grows – feel free.

10) Seriously though. Iwan Rheon.