Thoughts of the week…

01) So I assume by now everyone has watched the Walking Dead finale… That was a bit of a let down, wasn’t it?

02) I’m never eating chocolate again.

03) I’m obsessed with the idea of buying some vintage brooches to pin to the lapel of my blazers this winter. So far I haven’t found anything I love. Considering the range available at Etsy I’m sure I’ll stumble across something eventually!

04) I really wanted to love the Covergirl Lip Perfection lipstick in Spellbound after seeing it on Emily Blunt, (congratulations on your face BTW) but I checked it out in Priceline and it’s just not for me. Such a shame because it looks so amazing on Emily!

05) Game of Thrones is officially BACK!

06) Kimberley, Jade, Maya and I have embarked on our ‘Gold Star Challenge’. I’ll be explaining this in full next week.

07) Ben says hello and a belated happy Easter.

08) I started using Origins skin care after watching these videos on Jen’s channel and have sparked a dangerous love affair with the brand. My skin has never felt better but I’ll see how it’s faring after a month or so of frequent use.

09) Terry Richardson: Gross. Norman Reedus and his fat cat: Ok.

10) Let it be known that if they cancel Southland I’m gonna get all up in TNT’s grill.

7 Thoughts on “Thoughts of the week…

  1. Oh man that cat is so much thinner than frank.

  2. What a shame about Spellbound- although the Conspiracy Keanu in me suspects that in these celebrity makeup breakdowns the makeup listed isn’t actually the makeup used.


  3. Ugh, Walking Dead. UGH, Terry Richardson and Norman. I AM DISAPPOINT.

  4. TWD finale was shit house I really felt unsatisfied with the whole episode really.

    YAY GOT <333333 SOOOO GOOD!!! <3

    YAY #GSC!!!

    I could eat some more chocolate bunnies/eggs/hot cross bunzzzzzzz

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