Thoughts of the week…

01) I’m obsessed with Poor Little It Girl.

02) I’m also obsessed with Living In Colour Print.

03) Oh and I’m completely style stalking the wardrobe and styling of Katharine McPhee’s character on Smash. Her hair and makeup in every episode is absolutely perfect.

04) Top 10 Horrible Book Covers

05) I dug a Burberry blush out of my makeup collection that I’d completely forgotten buying and it is L-O-V-E. Not only do Burberry blushes apparently smell amazing, the staying power is incredible. My makeup usually fades by mid-afternoon but this blush lasts the entire day and well into the evening. I’ve been wearing the shade ‘peony blush’.

06) So, Southland continues to break my heart.

07) Is it bad if I double up on scarf purchasing just to buy this? I mean, look how amazing it looks on Cathy from Poor Little It Girl.

08) Less then a month until Gatsby!

09) I’m loving my Origins skin care and I think I’m officially a convert to the brand.

10) I have a solid craving to rewatch Breaking Bad. I can’t wait for the second half (and final) of season five to begin. #teampinkman #100%

8 Thoughts on “Thoughts of the week…

  1. Oh I’ve been a fan of Kat McPhee for so long but her stylists on Smash are so much perfection, I can’t even! And…. I think I need to catch up with Southland. You’re mentioning it far too much for me not to know about it!

    • I’m loving her style on Smash but her character is completely different from last season and I’m not liking it at all! You know how I feel about Southland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. OMG totes doing my hair like that tomorrow.

  3. Her hair. I want.

  4. I’ve been abusing my Blossom Blush like a fiend. I obviously need to abuse Gatsby gifs and Origins, and cleaning out my closet. Is it May yet?

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