Thoughts of the week…

01) If you’re in the market for a new clutch I highly recommend this one from Rebecca Minkoff. Mine arrived earlier this week and the quality is amazing.

02) I will be updating my beauty cupboard listing for May so feel free to check it out early next if out if you’re interested to see which products I’m using this month.

03) In digging through my makeup collection to pick out new things to use this month I realised that some of my makeup just does not look good on my face. Which turns out to be a good thing, because it’s making it a lot easier for me to start culling some unwanted stuff.

04) I am OBSESSED with this song. I would probably love it even more if the women in that film clip did something other than dance around like thickheads.

05) There is a cafe near my work that sells smoked turkey sandwiches with picked cucumbers, rocket and mayo on soft chewy grainy sourdough and they are the best sandwiches I’ve ever tasted in my life. I’ve had to limit myself to one a week because it was getting to be too much.

06) I thought maybe I was over Darren Criss but then I saw this.


07) I wrote a little guest post for Lexi over at Retail Therapie during the week.

08) I’ve started using my all time favourite perfume again now that the weather has started to cool down (it is way too heavy to wear during the hot months) and I LOVE IT.

09) I’m also obsessed with this song.

10) This blouse arrived during the week and it’s beautiful. I wish they would release it in a burgundy or forest green colour. ASOS ARE YOU LISTENING?!