Project 100 Pan (part 11)

43) (not pictured) MOR Hand and Shower Gel in Honey Nectar – This took FOREVER to finish up, and I couldn’t post a picture of the container because it was in a hideously grim state of being after sitting in my shower for so long. The product itself was nice but I wasn’t sad to see it go because I’d had it forever. Since the dawn of TIME.

44) Bath + Body Works Fresh Picked Strawberries Anti-Bac Foaming Hand Soap – Delicious. As always, I won’t be purchasing any more of these hand soaps because I can’t justify the cost. I was sad to see this go, I like having hands that smell like summer fruits.

45) Bath + Body Works Mint Chocolate Candle – Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. This smelled INCREDIBLE. I don’t plan on buying anymore candles from Bath + Body Works due to the cost of shipping (see above) but I did really love this scent and I’m sad to see this go. You might not be able to tell from the photo but I scraped all of the scrumptious minty chocolate wax dregs out of the jar to use in my oil burner. Sad, I know. At least I didn’t try to eat them or did I.

46) Bath + Body Works Seashore Candle – What does the seashore smell like? Third degree burns and a substantial fear of death by shark attack? Ha ha ha, I am not joking. But no, according to Bath + Body Works it smells like sharp florals. I didn’t like this, lucky it was tiny. As a general FYI, these tiny little Bath + Body Works Candles pack quite a punch and the scent throw is impressive.

47) Kate Somerville Oil Free Moisturiser – I loved this moisturiser, but I’ve decided to stick to my Paula’s Choice skin care for a while so I won’t be repurchasing this. It was a treat to use though, and I powered through it quite quickly. I am sad to announce that I do not look like Lauren Conrad after using this product consistently for a couple of months.

4 Thoughts on “Project 100 Pan (part 11)

  1. I just discovered Kate Somerville’s toner and I’m obsessed. I’ve never used toner consistently before but hers is truly amazing. I’ll have to try the moisturizer but it can be an expensive brand…


    • It is expensive and the packaging is amazing looking but in particular with the moisturiser – I had absolutely no way of knowing when this was going to run out, as the jar was quite heavy and the packaging is opaque. That would definitely have bothered me if I was planning on repurchasing it.

  2. I have a sample of that moisturiser I best get a move on and give it a try! Mmmm can’t wait til I can have candles again – I’ve got the Peter Alexander Glasshouse babies to give a go first hehe… I picked up MOR’s 500ml Warm Candied Almond Vanilla shower gel and lotion duo set in the Myer sale, but have told myself I’m not allowed to use it (unless it’s really really cold) until I’ve used up my MOR Sugar Rose Tiger Lily one that my sister got me for my birthday. Now I have no hope of getting to use the bigger set this Winter do I… *sigh*

    • I’ve been so tempted to buy new candles but I’m forcing myself to use up all of the ones that I have, and then I think I’ll be sticking exclusively to Glasshouse in my new abode!

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