Thoughts of the week…

01) I mentioned needing some new running shoes in a previous ‘thoughts of the week’ post, and during the week I snapped up some Nike Air Pegasus shoes on sale on Catch of The Day. While I can’t justify spending $300 on a pair of shoes that I’ll wear maybe once a month, I can easily spend money on shoes that I will work out in practically every day.

02) INDEPENDENCE DAY 2 IS A THING. It won’t be a thing until 2015, but still. YES.

03) Dexter is back on Monday! I’m really excited for the return and am interested to see if in fact it is the final season. This also means that it’s not long now until Breaking Bad returns, and ends…

04) On Clean Eating (I agree with everything in this wonderfully written post).

05) Dog awesomely confused by computer noises (this dog looks like ALF and I want to dog-nap it)

06) Read about Wendy Davis. This woman has rightfully earned the attention of people everywhere.

07) Glitzy Glam have the new season of Lilly Pulitzer agendas up on their website. I ordered a new one to start using in August because the one I’ve been using since this time last year is looking a bit worse for wear. I highly recommend these agendas, they’re cute and functional and sturdy – I carry mine with me everywhere.

08) I revived my Tumblr. LIVE, TUMBLR. LIVE!

09) I’ve started doing the same thing I do every year and I’m already starting to think about my wardrobe for Spring/Summer. I love winter, and I love the clothing style of winter a lot more than summer (I actually hate summer with a burning passion), and yet here I am again. I’m currently obsessing over maxi skirts and I blame Katie Holmes.

10) My parents recently returned from yet another trip to Europe, and my mum surprised me with a little fragrance from Fragonard. This is a brand I’d never heard of but this perfume is AMAZING and I can’t wait to discover more.

3 Thoughts on “Thoughts of the week…

  1. Yay for Tumblr! Going to go check out that agenda and clean eating links now.

  2. umm can you please post about your agenda, i want to have a sticky beak.

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