Project 100 Pan (part 12)

48) LUSH Cupcake Face Mask – I’ve come to the conclusion that the only LUSH mask I’m ever going to like is Mask of Magnaminty. Unfortunately, every time I visit a store to return my empty pots (in exchange for a free mask) they never have it in stock so I’m forced to play skin care Russian roulette. In this round I discovered that Cupcake does NOT work well with my skin. At all. Side note: it smells good and it made me hungry.

49) Bath + Body Works Apple Crumble Candle – This candle smelled delicious. Like, I could eat this candle. It’s pretty rare for me to not like a Bath + Body Works candle, especially if it’s a gourmand scent and this was no exception.

50) O&M Detox Shampoo – I bought the travel sized version of this product to see whether I liked it enough to purchase the full size. Sadly as much as I love O&M as a brand, I didn’t enjoy using this clarifying shampoo as much as others I’ve tried so I won’t be purchasing the larger bottle.

51) Bath + Body Works Winter Candy Apple Anti-Bacterial Foaming Hand Soap – Yum.

52) MOR Milk Bath Gel – Guys, I am obsessed with this scent range and MOR have discontinued it. The nerve. I IMPLORE YOU TO BRING IT BACK, MOR. BRING IT BACK.

12 Thoughts on “Project 100 Pan (part 12)

  1. I’m up to 45, kill me now 🙁

  2. Cupcake mask is ALWAYS sold out in stores I go to and they always have Mask of Magnaminty. How funny 😛 I think I need to do this project or something similar to it! Doing empties posts feels really good, like you’ve accomplished something :p

    Kate Xx

  3. I adore that cupcake mask it is excellent for my skin and it is so hard cause it smells so good you do just want to eat it haha.
    You are single handedly feeding my determination to add Bath & Body Works to my daily routine. Peppermint crack, and apple crumble too? *drool*

  4. Mask of Magnaminty is my favourite LUSH mask too. I haven’t tried many of the others but I have a few black pots collected up so…. soon!

  5. I’m yet to foray into Lush face mask offerings. I’ve only just purchased that O&M clarifying shampoo, yet to try it. Hope it plays nicely with my hair seeing as you didn’t dig it.

  6. O that is my LEAST favourite Lush mask. To be fair, I don’t have oily skin so it isn’t really for me but it totally irritated my skin and the same thing happened to my BFF!

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