Thoughts of the week…

01) Just a word of advice, if you’re invited to a wedding with a gift registry – act immediately. If you leave it until a fortnight before the wedding you could end up like me and very nearly be the girl who gives the couple a whisk and a pillowcase as a present (luckily I narrowly managed to avoid this situation).

02) I was so excited to see a West Australian team make it into the grand final this year, and was sad to see them lose. Better luck next year, Fremantle!

03) Breaking Bad. Breaking Bad. BREAKING BAD. One more sleep, one more episode.

04) As it turns out, the Make Up Forever HD Blush in ‘Nip Slip’ is basically perfection.

05) I had a bit of drama with the dress that I ordered from ASOS with the intent to wear to a friend’s wedding next week. It was taking longer than usual for the package to arrive so I thought it might be a good idea to log onto the website and have a look at the progress. I signed on, checked my order status and was greeted with the words ‘ORDER UNSUCCESSFUL’. I’m sure you can imagine the blood-chilling terror I experienced in that moment. Thankfully I logged onto the site the next day to obsessively stalk the dress and my size had come back in stock. God bless people who return things.

06) This is unbearable.

07) American Horror Story starts up again next month and they’ve released the official opening sequence for this season. If you’ve ever watched this show, you know that the opening titles are pretty much the most terrifying thing you’ll ever experience. Especially if you’re home alone at night imagining Bloody Face creeping up behind you.

08) Jimmy Fallon hosted another lip sync battle, and it was fun but lets be honest nothing can ever compare to John Krasinski stripping while lip-syncing to Boyz II Men .

09) One Direction are in Perth and Harry Styles and I are now married.

10) I didn’t manage to find the IKEA flamingo drink trays, but I did score some gorgeous short cocktail/drinking glasses from the same design range. They have a lot of fun things out for summer at the moment, and I’m considering heading back to pick up some of the tall pineapple print drinking glasses. COCKTAILS AT MINE, GUYS.

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  1. Argh I am so behind in this season’s breaking bad.. I desperately need to catch up!
    How lucky that dress came back in your size!
    Also, you have amazing eyes 🙂

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