Bare Bones

And so it begins. I am currently in the process of setting up my new house, and I have decided to look at it as more of a ‘work in progress’, or a project, rather than a big stressful mess. Right now my house is basically bare. There is no warmth, no personal touches, nothing that makes it feel like home. Yet. To start me off, I’ve written up a “big project” list. Things like:

01: Paint. The building company I worked with does not offer interior painting as part of their package. They suggest living in the house for a few months to let it settle before painting, which coincides nicely with my lack of energy to do anything as stress-inducing as picking paint colours. Seriously guys, have you been to the paint section at Bunnings? There were so many shades of WHITE, I wanted to cry. Do I want heather, or ivory? Oh god. This could be a room by room project.

02: Window tinting. I need to get the front window of the house tinted, for privacy reasons. I opted for style over functionality when it came to blinds in the front room, so getting reflective tinting on the window will be a necessary To-Do in the near future.

03: Decor. As I said, the house is rather bare at the moment. I think I might focus on interior decor on a room-by room basis. I will probably need to tie this in with my paint selection (ugh), and I’ve been asked a couple of times what my feature colour will be (grey? help!), so I have some things to work out in that regard. I also need to buy some furniture for the study, currently known as the den of boxes and junk.

04: Garden. I have quite a bit of work to do when it comes to how I want the garden to look/function. The house came with a landscaping package, which turned out to be pretty pathetic. At one point during the construction stage, a delightful character decided to sneak around the back of my house and steal my retic timer. This meant my plants went without water for a week, and consequently one of my pretty little purple-flowered plants died. I purchased a replacement and planted it with the highest of hopes, only to have it die on me within a few days. #greenthumb

05: Lighting. Right now I’m living in a light-fixture ghetto wonderland. I have bare bulbs in all of the fixtures that require an electrician to install the light. Because of course, when I shopped for light fittings, I had to choose the most difficult kind.

14 Thoughts on “Bare Bones

  1. Loving the house post, thumbs up. Choosing paint is sooo hard, we ended up going with a grey toned white and I love it more and more each day <3 Painting swoon aside, I think one of our lucky things is that we have most tradies in the family, so our electrician is my brother in law who is easily swayed to come over and then fixes everything/creates new powerpoints for free.
    Can't wait for more house posts!

    • I think I’m definitely going to lean towards grey-whites, taking into consideration the fact that I opted for grey throughout the house everywhere else!

  2. Retail Therapie on January 9, 2014 at 9:01 pm said:

    Yay! I’m so happy for you that you’ve finally been able to move it to your new home.
    Don’t look at it negatively at all, it’s a work in progress, better to do it all slowly and love the results, than rush through and hate it in 6 months.
    Please keep posting about the house, house projects and interiors. I love your style and can’t wait to see how it’s expressed in your house
    (Yep, makes me sound like a creeper, sorry bout it)

    • Thanks Lexi, I’m planning on a LOT of house-themed posts this year (what with it being one of my main projects), so there is a lot to look forward to πŸ˜›

  3. So exciting, it will all come together in harmony bit by bit. There’s no harm in taking your time and being thoughtful about things πŸ™‚

  4. Oooh is Pinterest your friend or foe?

    I follow a few interior designer blogs who are completely accessible (for example, not Jonathan Adler) one of which is Autumn Clemmons of Design Dump. She is very inspiring!

    I would put window tinting as your first priority and follow it by having the electrician come around to install your light fittings. That way you can at least parade around in the light naked if you feel so inclined, regardless of the decor.

    • Pinterest is my friend, for sure! There are so many ideas on there, and things that I’ve kind of thought about and then forgotten, only to rediscover when trawling through pinterest!

      LOL @ walking around naked

  5. Looking forward to seeing how it comes together. The wooden floors look lovely by the way.

  6. Getting a house together takes ages! When we moved to this house we decided to switch up our furniture. In our living area we are currently resting our TV on stacks of DVD’s and CD’s. Here’s to us both of us finishing our houses in 2014!

  7. Love this post and can’t wait to read more! I could completely see myself being as overwhelmed as you seem to be feeling right now – whilst I’d absolutely LOVE to be in the position you’re in right now getting to choose everything from scratch, it would also stress the hell out of me! My recommendation is – don’t ask too many people for advice – as everyone has their own preferences and will probably only end up confusing you on what you want. Either pick one friend who knows your style/who’s style you really like, and consult with them, or flick through interior design books/mags to find a designer/decorator that suits your style or appeals to you.

    Also I LOVE the floorboards too – they’re actually my favourite flooring and if I ever get to build my own place – it’s going to be floorboards everywhere!

    • Oh, don’t worry, I rarely ask people for style/shopping advice because I’m so set in my ways! If I really wanted something (or didn’t want something), there is nothing anyone could say to change my mind. Which is probably a bad thing, lol.

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