Autumn/Winter Wardrobe 2014

Every year I tell myself that I should take full advantage of the US sales and purchase clothing that I want, even if what I want doesn’t suit the season that I’m currently suffering through living in. This year (prompted by being in a foul mood and wanting to drop buckets of cash), I followed my own advice and did just that. Autumn/Winter is my favourite time of year, and cold-weather fashion (well, the mild kind of weather that we experience in Perth) is my favourite to shop for. I ordered the following items (nearly all of which were inspired by Jen from Jen Loves Kev) –

01) J Crew Military Pocket Shirt
02) Shark Trouser Socks
03) Refined Fair Isle Cardigan
04) Folk Girl Open Front Cardigan
05) Jeffrey Campbell Korman Moto Boot
06) Truly Madly Deeply V-Neck Slouch Pocket Tee

The only other thing I really need for the cold weather season is a new coat, but I think I’ll buy that in store somewhere because I want it to fit me like a glove.

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  1. Ooh, I really like 1, 5 and 6!!

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