Valentine’s Day with Boxt

Valentine’s Day really seems to polarize people, most people I know either seem to love it or hate it. I’ve never been a particularly romantic person, so Valentine’s Day has never really appealed to my sensitivities. Having said that, I’ve started to look beyond the cheesiness of the day and have started to appreciate the meaning behind receiving a sweet gift from someone special. Perhaps I am getting soft in my old age. Perhaps I just like getting gifts. Who knows? If you’re in the market for a Valentine’s Day gift for me your significant other, here are some less-traditional (read: non-floral) from the Western Australian Online Gift Company Boxt

Wet Your Whistle Gift Hamper Lush MOR Gift Hamper Veuve Gold Toast

Moet Flower Gift Box Hennessey Love Gift Box Nibbly Love Gift Pack

Boxt have a delivery guarantee and will get these goodies to your loved one on time, so if you happen to meet and fall deeply in love with someone in the next week or so, don’t fret about having to think of a thoughtful gift that you can have delivered to their door. As an additional this-is-a-great-company bonus, Boxt use 100% recycled gift boxes, and donate their reusable materials to Remida. What are you waiting for? Order me a gift today!

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