March Empties

Paula’s Choice Hydralight Healthy Skin Refreshing Toner (repurchased) – I slightly prefer the Pore-Refining Toner from Paula’s Choice to this one, but it’s still a lovely toner and feels very gentle on my sensitive skin. I alternate between the two toners to keep my skin on it’s toes.

Batiste Dry Shampoo (Tropical) (repurchased) – I recently rediscovered my love for dry shampoo, which came alongside the knowledge that I have been using dry shampoo WRONG all this time. As it turns out, leaving the shampoo to sit in your hair for 5-10 minutes before rubbing it in makes all the difference. Who knew? everyone Anyway, now that I know this, I love dry shampoo. I even use it on clean hair because I’m cool like that.

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser (repurchased) – I repeatedly go through bottles of this, as I use it as a body cleanser when I’m in the shower. This smaller bottle was the one I took with me on my road trip earlier in the year, and finished off this month. I usually purchase the pump top bottles for convenient use in the shower.

Paula’s Choice Hydralight Moisture-Infusing Moisturiser (repurchased) – I love this moisturiser, and I’ve gone through about 5 of these tubes since beginning my love affair with the Paula’s Choice range. This is my go-to daily moisturiser, but I also wear it at night. It’s lightweight (pro), sinks into the skin quickly (pro), and smells like death (con).

Hugo Naturals Soap – This was a gift from my grandmother, who visted the US late last year. I enjoyed using it, but I don’t think we have access to this brand in Australia, so I’m not able to repurchase it.

Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara (would repurchase) – I really liked this mascara (see my review here), and I would definitely consider purchasing it again in the future. I have a few different mascaras to finish up first, but I’ll be getting my dirty little mits on another tube of this soon.

Benefit Lipgloss in ‘What Shade Is That?’ – I’m at that stage where I am really over glittery makeup. Even lip gloss. I enjoyed using this, but I opened it up to wear it last weekend and the scent had turned from Skittles to something far more rancid and ominous. I won’t be repurchasing this, as me and glitter are THROUGH.

Kerastase Nectar Thermique (repurchased) – I use this on my hair every day. I love it. If I don’t use it before blow drying my hair in the morning, my hair looks like c-r-a-p. Enough said?

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  1. I think iherb sells Hugo naturals 🙂

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